CR Tested: Harley Davidson FXRG 3 Boots


Price $210.00

Rating 3 stars

I slip my dogs into a dozen pairs of boots over the course of a season, but at the foot of my closet are just the few I keep ready for easy access, because I know they're comfortable; they look good; and they're appropriate for most rides. Hardcore knee-high stompers come out for cross-country affairs and the rest are relegated to the garage, for specialized photo shoots. The Harley-Davidson FXRG-3 Riding Boots I sampled recently come close to hitting the feature trifecta, mainly because they work well off the bike, yet still offer protection when riding.

The FXRG-3s look like a cross between construction boots and hikers, which is fine, but the first wearing wasn't all that pleasant; a misaligned eyelet wreaked havoc with my instep as the day wore on. Harley provides a "30-day comfort guarantee", but I took matters into my own hands and filed down the offending bit.

They've proven to be a pleasant surprise ever since. The polyurethane footbed has a nice cushioned feel, thanks to dual density material (Twin Pad Comfort technology, Harley calls it), and the supportive walking platform is buffered by Goodyear welt construction below.

The full-grain leather upper has breathable underlays to banish sweat, as well as a Gore-Tex sub-layer, whose claim of waterproof-ness I've had ample occasion to verify here in the Pacific Northwet. Additionally, the thick leather blocks cold breezes effectively for sustained hours in the saddle. Locking side zippers are a nice bonus, too: you can pull the boots on easily and zip up once the laces have been tied. Another plus: the outsole can be re-soled, so you can hang on to the FXRG-3s for a long time. And I probably will.

CR Tested: Harley Davidson FXRG 3 Boots