CR Tested | Cruiserworks Tour Boots

As far as motorcycle boots go the Cruiserworks Tour Boots are about as straightforward as it gets, which is just the way I like it. I’m the kind of guy that wants a simple, unadorned, practical boot that looks just as stylish off the bike as it does at 100 mph, so the Tour fits me right down to the ground. The boot (made in America) isn’t anything fancy, just your basic black leather motorcycle boot without any extraneous buckles, straps or needless embossing. Those are all good things. It also fits like a glove (or rather, a boot), is comfortable on or off the bike (an important consideration when you’d like to explore the area you’ve just ridden to) and incorporates a YKK side zipper and gussets that make it easy to slip on and off without jumping through hoops. They’re made with a leather upper that incorporates a toe cup and an oil resistant sole. The Tour appears to be as indestructible as any boot can be.

These boots are considered weather resistant, not waterproof, and given the overall high quality of the construction, which includes sealing the upper to the sole and heel to prevent leaks, I’ve no doubt it is. However, due to the worst drought in recent memory, I can’t vouch for their overall seaworthiness, though I suspect they’re better than Cruiserworks lets on. Ask me again after the rainy season.

Overall, I have to give the CruiserWorks Tour Boot high marks; it looks good, fits comfortably, and offers a considerable amount of protection. I really appreciate the fact that it’s easy to walk in, and doesn’t look like a “biker’s boot,” although it certainly performs like one. —

Cruiserworks Tour Boots
Price: $349.00 *****