CR Tested | AGV Sport Shadow Kevlar Denim Jacket

AGV Sport Shadow Kevlar Denim Jacket
Price $119

I’ll admit I like the Shadow Jacket more for what it’s not—a rigid piece of armored equipment that constrains your every move. Although functional gear is a necessary evil, once the summer season is in full swing, I tend to feel less is more. Which is why the Shadow had me right from the jump; with its soft broken-in dark denim and relaxed fit, it was comfortable from my first ride. Although AGV Sport says it’s designed for any climate, I’d argue that the Shadow is more of a two-season item, with little in the way of insulation or lining. It can get chilly in my neck of the woods this early in the season, especially at elevation, so layering is key.

What the Shadow does sport is DuPont Kevlar coverage out back and down the length of each arm, which offers abrasion resistant protection in the critical areas. It’s got pockets for optional shoulder/elbow cups and a back protector, and I’d highly recommend the upgrade—without the armor and its crucial impact protection, this is just another jean jacket. Although the Shadow’s style and vibe is ideal for hanging out off the bike and is just the ticket for a lazy August cruise, even the highest quality 13.5oz denim has its breaking point._ -AC_