AGV Sport Tempest Jacket | CR Tested

It’s one of those cases where you wear something so often, it just fades into the background. I’ve had the Tempest Textile jacket for nearly a year now, and it works so well that I often just take it for granted.

The polyester outer shell sports a relatively thick feel and adds abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon in the usual spots, with Reissa membrane bonded inside. Reissa is one of those “breathable moisture barriers” found on plenty of moto-apparel these days. On the Tempest, the outer shell and Reissa combo keep the rain at bay. There’s no inner liner, which is fine by me—I always lose those things anyway. On my frequent forays over the rainy roads of the Pacific Northwest, the Tempest has been surprisingly up to the task of keeping me dry, even with all those zippers. Helping the cause is a large storm flap inside the front zipper, which keeps a good chunk of the Reissa behind it to further help shut out the wet and cold. I also found the insulating liner to be nice and toasty, with sleeves that go to about mid-forearm.

The Tempest’s zip-open vents are positioned on the upper chest, arms and top back. You get a hint of cooling airflow, but invariably that Reissa membrane blocks some of their effectiveness (except for the arms). The rear vents do the job well though, and keep air moving out.

The cuffs are especially handy, with a long zipper that starts about mid-forearm, and goes down to the cuff, where a rubbery snap closes things up. Snaps at each arm cinch down extra material for comfort, and pockets at the waist (and inside the chest) carry your miscellaneous bits.

Of course, there’s armor. The CE approved dual-density shoulder and elbow protectors are smartly-shaped and not too obtrusive, and a thin (8mm) piece of removable memory foam resides in the inner mesh liner for the back.

The Tempest has a basic style, but it’s a good-looking piece of gear—there’s no ostentation, so it’s equally at home on my cruiser or on my dual sport. It’s also surprisingly well-made; I found plenty of examples of double row-stitching and overlapping material, which was unexpected at this price point.

There are several far more complicated jackets hanging in my closet, and they’ll probably stay there awhile because, for everyday jaunts, I prefer the Tempest: it’s got comfort, protection, venting and water resistance—all for a pair of Benjamins.

AGV Tempest
Price: $199.00.
Rating Three and a half out of five stars