2014 Star Bolt: Long Term modifications

Our New in-house Bolt is Begging to Be Customized

Motorcycle Cruiser's Star Bolt Long Term Project, Part 1

2014 Star Bolt

MSRP: $7,990

Caretaker: Rick Talbot

Measurements: 5 ft., 6 in./170 lbs/30 in. inseam

Odometer: 2829

Miles since start: 1571

Mileage this issue: 44 mpg

After our Hipster Hoedown test, I refused to return this Bolt… so now it’s my long term tester! But then Bartels ordered up a big pile of Star Accessories for it, and I learned Lesson #1: Don’t let somebody else pick parts for your bike.

I wanted the bike to have an old school look, and we had different ideas on how to do that. The full set of Custom Brass accessories from Star that arrived didn’t wow me at first, but as the patina set in (I live near the beach, so that came quickly) it grew on me. I’m still not sold on the speedo visor though, and might switch it for the black one. The Tall handlebars and the Springer Bobber Solo Seat changed the ergonomics in bad ways. Bartels and the other testers (all taller than me) like the new set-up, but it doesn’t work for me. The seat is too high, and at too flat of an angle, and the bars are simply too high and far away. I also find the seat to be too hard, with stiff springs and hard edges on the seat itself, so I use a gel pad from Saddlemen when I’m riding around town. I need to find either new bars, or a new seat, or both. I think softer springs would work, or maybe I could just clip the springs that are there.

The bags that match the seat are nice for storing stuff. While the luggage rack is good too, I think I want a passenger seat and sissy bar for a more chopper look… though sometimes I think I want to ditch the rear fender entirely.

To make matters worse, the Avon grips broke when we tightened the set screw too much at installation. It’s like a sign that we should switch to the new Custom Brass Billet grips that match the other accoutrements.

The next step is a slip-on from Vance and Hines (along with intake and EFI mods), plus some mods to bring it closer to the badass ideal I had in mind to begin with.


Star Custom Accessories:

Avon Custom Contour Metric Touring Grips $64.49

Custom Brass Rider Footpegs $96.99

Custom Brass Turn Signal Bezels $79.99 (2)

Custom Brass Headlight Bezel $72.99

Custom Brass Taillight Bezel $46.99

Saddlebag Supports $119.99

Air Cleaner Cover (Brass) $168.99

Inner Fender Eliminator Kit $95.99

Rigid Mount Leather Saddlebags $419.95

Springer Bobber Solo Seat $459.99

Tall Handlebars $119.99