Outlier's Guild Motorcycle Show

First annual custom show in the Los Angeles Container Yard

The Roland Sands Design 'F*ck Luck' display the OG moto showPaul Collins

You never know what to expect with a first year motorcycle show. Will things fall apart last minute? Will everyone be able to get in? Will we be able to see all the bikes? The team putting on the Outliers Guild Motorcycle Show definitely had their work cut out for them, and they pulled off a wicked show.

Walking into the first building in the Container Yard in Downtown LA, it's very large and has a hangar feel to it. The walls are covered with graffiti and the bikes are all well lit with moody, colored lighting.

The second building in the back took a little exploring to find, but housed some amazing photography prints from a handful of exceptional motorcycle photographers like Todd Blubaugh, pictured below.

There were a ton of bikes in all sorts of styles. Choppers, cafe racers. even one wicked bosozoku build. It's always rad to see new shows popping up and even better when they're this well executed.

To see more photography from Paul Collins, head over to PaulNCollins.com, and for more info on the OG Moto Show, head to their site HERE.

Todd Blubaugh displaying some photos at the showPaul Collins
The bikes were displayed in a unique and well-lit environment. Nice to see something a little different.Paul Collins
Shinya Kimura's Kawasaki Z1Paul Collins
Wolf moped chopperPaul Collins
Hard to tell who built the bikes when there isn't a sign, but we dug this TriumphPaul Collins
Rad details on a Sportster K-model chopperPaul Collins
Some of the attendees taking off to hit another chopper showPaul Collins
Some of the attendees outside with their bikesPaul Collins