Operation Octane Results

The results of Victory's dealership custom contest!

Dealership contests are amazing. Yamaha, H-D, Indian, and now Victory is wrapping up their Operation Octane contest which we have seen produce some of the most genre-challenging Victory Octanes we have ever seen. Well the people have voted and the results are in!

Octane Desert Racer
International Winner: Desert Racer Octane by Iwan-Bikes in GermanyVictory Motorcycles

In first place internationally is Iwan-Bikes' Desert Racer from Germany. A Desert Racing themed bike using some custom body work that was done in house and military inspired paint. Check the link for more pictures and our more detailed write-up.

Rick Fairless Octane
Evil Ethel Victory Octane by Rick FairlessVictory Motorcycles

Rick Fairless went a way different direction than we are used to seeing from him and it looks like it paid off. His Evil Ethel Octane took first place in the US with the people's vote. This mean looking cruiser takes a unique stance on the Octane platform, while maintaining mostly stock lines and keeping the aggressive vibe.

Grifter Octane
Grifter Octane by Brisan Motorcycles in AustraliaVictory Motorcycles

The Grifter by Brisan Motorcycles in Australia was one of our favorites on the contest, and was the international Runner Up in the contest. In our opinion, they perfectly balanced the original lines of the Octane with the new custom tail section and that far-out exhaust that was made in-house. The one-color paint scheme works well and gives off the vibe that in a perfect world, this could be a stock bike.

King Octane
King Octane by Coastal VictoryVictory Motorcycles

King Octane was one of the Octanes that chose to go with true cruiser style on their build, utilizing many of the parts off of the Victory Kingpin. It's cool to see an Octane dressed up in full old-school lowrider style, something we haven't really seen yet. This bike was the US Runner Up, and we think it's well deserved.

Be sure to head over to VictoryMotorcycles.com/OperationOctane to see the rest of the bikes that didn't make the cut, there are some amazing ones!

Octane Tracker
76 Octane Tracker by Mathias Marine Sport was our personal favorite. We were bummed it didn't make it to the top!Victory Motorcycles