Olympia Bonneville Jacket

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Olympia Bonneville Jacket $219.99

When it comes to riding gear I'm a man of simple needs. The stuff has to be well made, comfortable and practical, that's it, end of story. If there's anything to add it's only be that I prefer conservative cuts and colors as well.Though it's cut in a decidedly retro fashion, that doesn't mean the Olympia Bonneville Jacket uses old school technology, au contraire. The jacket is constructed of DuPont Cordura with ballistic mesh panels, which makes it strong, light and breathable. For comfort in chilly or wet weather it's also equipped with a wind and waterproof/breathable liner, wearable on its own as a casual jacket. 3M Scotchlite trim at the sides and back insures added visibility in low light situations. Additional jacket features include an adjustable waist, cool mesh airflow lining, comfort neoprene framed collar, 8" connecting zipper for pants, removable CE approved motion flex armor at elbows, shoulders and back and five storage pockets.

Getting a jacket to fit me properly is always a hassle. In case you haven't noticed, I've got what you might call a stocky build, so getting a jacket that fits me comfortably in the body, without having overly long arms, is always a challenge. I had to go to a 3X, but the Bonneville fits perfectly, especially when the various cinches are properly adjusted.

Being that it's textile there's no break in required. The Bonneville is billed as a multi-season jacket, and therein lays a slight problem. See here in New England, we have only three seasons; summer, winter and mud. Nonetheless it's working well during the mud season and I have high hopes for summer.

Since nothing in life is perfect I do have a few nits to pick with the Olympia. The first being simply that I'd like to see them redesign the sleeve restraining device for the liner. As it is now the liner can pull out when you remove the jacket, which makes it that much harder to put it back on. Of course, if I didn't have arms shaped like bratwursts that might not be an issue. I'd also prefer that they'd used slash cut pockets rather than straight ones; I think they'd be a little easier to access. But despite the nits this one gets the full five stars, overall it's a damn good jacket, especially if like me you've got a taste for classically-styled, well-made and practical riding gear.
5 stars

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