October 2012 Motorcycle Cruiser Table of Contents

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**On The Cover **
Wingman flawlessly frames the midweights in Ventura, CA.


24 Cover Story Not So Crazy 8s
800ccs and $8000? Middleweights rarely make sexy headlines, but everybody loves a good value. Honda's 750cc Aero and Suzuki's C50T Classic are two of the better ones.

38 TOUR Razorback Revelation
Arkansas is flyover country to some people, but they don't realize there's a bounty of stellar backroads lurking in the Ozarks. The Best Western folks show us how Ride Rewards really work.

46 Buyer's Guide to Bike Communication, Part 2
Bluetooth, GMRS, CB—Part 2 of our Bike Communications Guide examines the various products from each class and rates them. We also test J&M's helmet/ headset install.


7 Main Jet

10 Rumblings

**12 **New Products

14 Between the Lines
Special summer touring section; the customs of Cobra; and avoiding traffic tickets this season.

**56 **Shop Talk
Installing and setting up your cruiser's suspension.

68 Cruiser Tested

70 Long Term Bikes

72 Just One Road

74 Readers' Rides

October 2012 Motorcycle Cruiser Table of Contents - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine