New Bikes 2010: 2010 Hyosung ST7

Asian Influx

This far into the season, we'd expected most manufacturers to have firmly announced their 2010 lineups. But in an unexpected sign of industry optimism, the new metal keeps dropping. Witness:

They may have a small presence in the U.S. now, but just wait-Korea-based Hyosung Motors intends to change that. The 2010 Hyosung ST7 made its public debut at the 2010 Chicago International Motorcycle Show this past winter, and from where we sit, it looks like a shot across the bow of Japan, Inc. for a slot in the light-middleweight cruiser segment.

Though it's based largely on the existing GV650 platform, and upgrades consist of mostly new paint and bodywork, the ST7 sports a more assured and integrated design than past efforts. The 700cc ST7 is more classically styled than the popular, swoopy-looking GV650 from Hyosung, and the firm says customer demand drove the new design.

The ST7 has a wide tank and handlebars as well as deeper and wider fenders. With front and rear disc brakes and a fuel injected, liquid-cooled 8 Valve DOHC engine, this is not your average price-point middleweight. A belt drive delivers power to the rear wheel. MSRP is $7,299 and it will be available in black, red or white.

New Bikes 2010 - Asian Influx 2010 Hyosung ST7