2011 Harley-Davidson Street Glide | Long-Term Bikes

2011 Harley-Davidson Street Glide
MSRP: $19,499 ($21,495 with paint, ABS, security)
Caretaker: Bartels
Measurements: 6 ft./190 lbs./33 in. inseam
Odometer: 20359
Miles Since Last Issue: 2807 (9,045 miles total)
Average fuel mileage: 42.7 (40.1 overall)

Last time I checked in, I was having issues with the iPod interface from Harley’s P&A; catalog. I noticed that it had trouble with overheating, probably due to 110-degree temperatures in the Central Valley of California, along with a mounting spot certain to get zero airflow behind luggage. Our Harley rep assured us they’d never heard of such a problem and sent a new one. Despite turning it off when the dash thermometer reached 95ish, it started to have problems again, but only when hot, and only intermittently.

I also noticed challenges with setup on the H-D Premium Suspension rear shocks, but with extensive testing outside of Southern California, I can confirm that it’s only on our jacked-up pavement (mostly freeways) that the shocks misbehave, as they have trouble dealing with rough, choppy, very fast road , but are super-controlled and comfy on just about anything else.

When the bike was in for service, the tires had finally worn themselves out. Tire wear from the Dunlops was amazing though: The rear took over 17,000 miles to get close to bare, while the front was flattened, but still pretty fresh. We changed them both at the service and after an additional 2500+ miles, they still looked brand new.

This last dance with the old girl brought it to over 20,000 miles, with still nary a true, mechanical hiccup. The clutch I’d complained about as being sticky earlier was showing signs of that again, but that was all. On a recent trip to New Mexico, the most frequent thought I had while flowing through Pueblo reservations and majestic volcanoes was how much capable fun this bike turned out to be.

I always try to aim for the magical 10,000-mile mark with my long term bikes, and this is the only time I’ve ever come close, with over 9000 miles on the clock. Just like I always am, I’m sad to see this one go.