New Site Feature: Road Test Finder

A new way to quickly find that road test

The Road Tests section of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine's website has tests of over 100 motorcycles, most of which were originally published in the magazine, though some of them are exclusive to the site. Now the first page of our Road Tests section has a "Road Test Finder" page as the top item, which allows you to jump directly to the test or tests you are interested in.

This page has links to every road test, comparison test and riding impression currently posted on the site. (The tests in the current and recent issues are normally not posted to the site until after the issue they were printed in goes off sale.) Recently Posted tests are called out at the top of the list so you can quickly find new tests. The rest is broken into Comparisons and a listing all the bikes tested, whether individually or in a comparison test.

As before, you can still page through the Road Test section using the "Next Page" button at the bottom of each index page.

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