New Site Feature: Linked Index of Accessory & Gear Evaluations

Now has a quick way to find the accessory, apparel or other product evaluation you are looking for

With well in excess of 100 motorcycle apparel items and accessories evaluated on our site, finding a product you are interested in could be time-consuming and frustrating. So we have added this Linked Index of Product Evaluations at the top of the first page of the "Accessories & Gear" section of

Similar to our Motorcycle Cruiser Road Test Finder, the Accessory and Gear Index allows you to jump directly to the review of a product that attracts your interest. The Index is divded into the broad categories of accessories: Apparel, Luggage, Hardware, Other Accessories, and Tools and Bike-Care Products. There is also a Recent Additions sections with products added to the site in the last couple of weeks. Clicking on the link opens a new window with the evaluation or buyers-guide information you are interested in.

We hope you find the Accessories & Gear Finder useful. If you have any comments, problems of suggestions, please send an email to our web editor, Art Friedman, at or at