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New Products

Stay Dry
Get the Legendary Aerostich quality without the legendary Aerostich look is now available. Aerostich has raised the bar with their all new waterproof and breathable leather Transit suit. They claim the GORE-TEX Pro Shell Leather is totally waterproof, as long as you don't ride your motorcycle into a lake. The Transit suit is also treated with a proprietary solar-reflective treatment that helps the suit wear up to 30 cooler than traditional leather gear. The jacket can be had for $797 and the pants for $697 (not shown) get all the details at
Bully Your Injection System
Looking for added power and efficiency for your cruiser? GMan Industries has a solution with their 'Bully" Fuel Injection Controller. The Bully FI controller is completely plug and play and has on-the-fly tuneability allowing you to adjust while riding and get real time performance feedback. It's currently available for all Suzuki and Kawasaki cruisers with Honda and Yamaha models in the works. Check out for dyno charts and package information.
Play Hard, Ride Hard, Feel Better
For those times that you've ridden a little too hard or a little too long, Moto911 comes to the rescue. It's a non-steroidal, spray-on, topical, pain reliever. Moto911 does a pretty good job on basic aches and pains so if riding has got you sore try a metered dose of their no rub formula. The bottle is easy to carry along on rides and for only $6.95 for a one ounce spray bottle, it's a bargain. Get the scoop at
Mean Mothers For Your Rocker
Set your Harley Davidson Rocker apart from the crowd with SuperTrapp's Mean Mother Side Swipes. Get a tough, aggressive look while shedding 13 pounds off of stock and bumping up mid to top-end horsepower. Available in black ceramic or show quality chrome these Mean Mothers will turn heads. Starting at $649 they are currently available for the Rocker and will soon be available for the H-D Softail as well at