New Cruiser Motorcycles from Suzuki, Yamaha Due This Week

Suzuki and Yamaha are expected to roll out new cruiser motorcycles during the coming week at dealer meetings in Las Vegas.

Suzuki and Yamaha are expected to introduce all-new cruiser models in the next seven days, perhaps as early as June 14 for Suzuki and a day or two later for Yamaha.

Though details are not available, Suzuki has said that it is rolling out a new "family" of cruisers. We also anticipate at least one new member of the Star series from Yamaha. Both companies are having their American dealer meetings in Las Vegas this week when the announcements are expected. We will post photos and information as soon as they are available. We will also bring you photos and info about carry-over and minor-change models for 2005. Stay tuned.

Yamaha and Suzuki are starting up new cruisers.