New 250 Cruiser Motorcycle from AlphaSports/Hyosung

AlphaSports, distributor of Korea's Hyosung motorcycles, will begin to get serious about the American market during 2004. It has a new 250 now with a 650 streetbike and dirtbikes on the way. **By [Art Friedm

AlphaSports Motors is introducing an additional model of the 250 V-twin that was our pick in Motorcycle Cruiser's recent 250 cruiser comparison.

The AlphaSports GV-250 Sport Cruiser differs from the Classic Cruiser we rode with smaller, sportier front and rear fenders, silver instead of chrome engine cases, front fork tubes that have been exposed by eliminating the chrome covers of the Classic, and solid black paint. The changes have permitted Augusta, Georgia-based AlphaSports to cut the MSRP by $150 to $3449.

We are told that AlphaSports Motors will be further expanding its line of motorcycles with a sporting 250 model late this year and a similar 650 twin next spring. Dirtbikes are also in the offing. The bikes are built by Korea's Hyosung, and some observers regard them as the motorcycle industry's counterpart to Hyundais or Kias.

AlphaSports, which distributes ATVs and scooters (with dirtbikes also in the works) can be contacted through its website or at (706) 860-8385.

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The new Sport version of AlphaSports' 250 cruiser wears a bit less chrome and fetches a lower price.