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2013 Releases: Fresh Colors and Lots of Hardware From Last Year

The New V Star 1300 Deluxe: Star's Middleweight Bagger

Star Motorcycles has recently unveiled what they’re calling “The All New V Star 1300 Deluxe” for the 2013 model year. Although it’s more of a restyle and trim upgrade than an out-and-out new model, we’ll play along.

Engine room? No surprises there; still a 1304cc (80 cubic inch) liquid-cooled, SOHC V-twin engine with 9.5:1 compression and fuel injection, with a 2 into 1 exhaust getting the gasses gone. You’ll also get the same double-cradle steel frame found on the V Star 1300 and 1300 Tourer (both of which remain in the lineup for 2013), so we can assume handling will be similarly light as well. With 66.5 inches between its 16-inch wheels, the V Star 1300 Deluxe will also likely share the base model’s well-regarded stability.

Like its cousins, the 1300 Deluxe also features a 27.2 inch seat height, steel fenders and a flangeless 4.9 gallon fuel tank, but it does get an all-new, swoopy, fork-mounted fairing a la the Stratoliner Deluxe (which is not in the 2013 lineup). That stylish fairing houses an iPod-compatible integrated sound system and a motorcycle-friendly Garmin Zumo 665 GPS with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and satellite radio capability.

The color-matched, lockable hard side bags are also uniquely designed for the V Star 1300 Deluxe and hold 7.6 gallons each—plenty of room for long-haul trips. No weight numbers are stated, but we expect the Deluxe to add a few pounds to the 1300 Tourer, which tips the scales at 712 lbs. The 2013 V Star 1300 Deluxe will be available in Deep Blue with an MSRP of $13,690.

Of course, you’ve got your carryover models too, with the long-running Star Venture at the top of the lineup, offered in Charcoal Silver/Raven. The 1900cc V-twin Stratoliner S returns in Deep Blue for 2013, as does the 1700cc Road Star Silverado in Impact Blue. The V Star 950 and 950 Tourer get renewed as well.

The classic models, led by the 1900cc Roadliner S, 1700cc Road Star S and V Star 250 are all also in the line for 2013. For more details, visit:

Suzuki: More Of The Same

We’re at the point where we feel that any news about Suzuki cruisers is good news, so here’s the big non-scoop: Hamamatsu has opted not to offer the M109R as a 2013 model, though it has chosen to bring back the Boulevard M90, a well-received 1492cc power cruiser when it was launched back in 2009. To refresh your memory, the M90 is a visually similar, 3/4 scale version of the M109R, with styling cues cribbed from its bigger 1800cc sibling, but rolling with a smaller (but still very potent) 1462cc v-twin that’s not just a retuned C90 motor, but actually specific to the bike. We were fans of the M90 when it first came out, so we’re stoked to see it back. For 2013, the M90 is available in Black and Gray, and is priced at $11,199.

Also unexpected is Suzuki's deletion of the C50T Classic for 2013, launched with some fanfare (and confusion) last year. Despite its 'T' designation, the Classic wasn't really a touring model, though it was very much a stud-encrusted classic rig. Oh well. Get more info at:

Honda: Status Quo Season

Not to be outdone in the Less-is-More department is American Honda, which also just released a 2013 cruiser lineup consisting mostly of carryover models wearing bold new graphics—in this case, mainly an added black color option. Team Red’s many returning favorites include the long-running Rebel 250, as well as four different variations of the Shadow 750 series. Farther up the food chain, you’ll find the VT 1300s, and last but not least, the iconic 2013 Gold Wing. For prices, see the Buyer’s Guide elsewhere in this issue.

The open-framed Fury gets new red and black colors for 2013 (ABS in Black only); meawhile, the pro-street style Sabre rolls with a new black option for 2013.

The traditional-ish Stateline features deeply valanced fenders and a black color option for 2013. For road-trippers, the Interstate offers hard leather bags and a traditional touring windscreen, as well as a new light metallic silver color. All VT1300s will be in dealers by the time you read this.

The Shadow Aero brings retro styling and new black and metallic silver/pearl white metallic colors for 2013 and will be available in December.

The Shadow Phantom doesn’t yet have a price, nor does the standard-style Shadow RS, which does gets Black added to the color options for 2013. Availability is December for both.

The Shadow Spirit 750 C2 offers a new Ultra Blue Metallic Flame color for 2013 (ABS is in black only) Price has not been set, and availability is December.

The long-running Rebel has remained a favorite among entry-level street riders for over 25 years. You can get it in black as well as Candy Red for 2013 with availability in January 2013.

Even though BMW’s K1600 is now horning in on the action, the Gold Wing’s luxury amenities continue to impress. For 2013, light silver metallic and grey metallic colors join the options, and availability is December.

Team Green Holds

Kawasaki and Triumph are also essentially carrying over most of last year’s models for 2013, though not every 2012 bike made the cut. For example, Kawasaki has dropped the Vulcan 1700 Classic for 2013, though the rest of the Vulcan 1700 line remains, including the Voyager/Voyager ABS, the Vaquero and Nomad. The 900s are also still on tap, with the Vulcan 900 Custom, 900 Classic LT and 900 Classic bringing up the rear.

...and Triumph Maintains

Triumph is also bringing back its entire 2012 lineup as is, with the exception of the McQueen Limited Edition (no surprise there). Expect to see Hinckley’s big 2.3 liter, triple-cylinder duo back for 2013, with the 2294cc Rocket III Touring outfitted for the long haul, and the aggressive Roadster opting for a more adrenalized experience. The acclaimed 1600cc T-Bird and brawnier 1700cc Storm power cruisers also reprise their roles for 2013, as do the mellower 865cc Speedmaster and America. Of course, the best-selling Bonneville and T100 models return as well.

HJC Hats Go High-End

HJC’s brand-new helmet release was set to debut at the 2012 Dealer Expo, but that roll-out was short on specifics and long on confusion. Never mind: the company has taken the extra time to get it right, and the new high-end RPHA (Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage) line of helmets has now been properly released. Long known for producing quality lids at affordable prices (relative to the competition), the Korean helmet manufacturer has decided to step it up with this new series of on and off-road helmets which aims to fill the slot between HJC’s proven products and the top-shelf, premium hats on the market.

Of biggest interest to cruiser riders is the HJC RPHA Max Helmet, a modular with the compact and aerodynamic design of a full face sport helmet, and the lightest modular helmet HJC has ever made. Notable features include an integrated, drop-down sunshield, a large Max vision shield with an included Pinlock insert, an ultra-quick shield replacement system, variable air-intake vents and a lightweight, ultra-plush moisture-wicking/antibacterial liner (Cool4Ever). HJC says its in-house wind tunnel was used when designing the Max, to help cut noise levels: it’s said not to exceed 84dB at 100kph/62.5mph. The RPHA Max is DOT approved and retails for $469.99, while the sport/street RPHA 10 is Snell 2010 and DOT approved and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Prices range from $399 - $554.99.

The collection includes the high-performance RPHA 10 (formerly known as the RPS-10), the modular RPHA Max, and off-road RPHA X. All three lids utilize HJC’s Premium Integrated Matrix construction for the shell, with materials like carbon fiber, aramid fiber, fiberglass, and organic non-woven fabric in the mix, for remarkably strong yet light qualities.

2013 Star V Star 1300 Deluxe
2013 Star V Star 1300 Deluxe
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