Motorcycle Street Justice: Video

When reacting to a bad driver goes right (NSFW Language)

This video is awesome. As a rider I have been run off the road, cursed at, swung at, and experienced all manners of road ragery and terrible driving from cagers. I tend to have a hard time letting things like that slide, especially when I haven't done anything wrong, but trying to seek justice or revenge can put you in harm's way, and be a much bigger risk than it's worth.

The rider in this video was understandably upset. This woman blatantly ignored him and tried to run him off the road at the merge. She was unapologetic when confronted and deserved every bit of that ticket. However, by putting himself right next to her window and yelling at her, he put himself in a very vulnerable position. She had already showed that she had no regard for his safety and by going up to her window like that, he was a slight twist of the wrist away from being bumped off of his bike. He could have just as easily passed her and gotten the cop involved without the little scuffle next to the car.

The Cop's response here was perfect, and totally unexpected. He simply listens to the rider, then goes after the perp. This vid gives me all the warm and fuzzies, and it's great to see justice exacted on careless drivers that put our lives at risk. But there's no reason to put yourself at higher risk than you need to.