Motorcycle News Roundup: Zapped by Lightning. Many Motorcycle Museums. If You Own a Bike, You'll Have to Move Out.

Motorcycling news headlines and updates.

It's discrimination, but is it by race or by motorcycle type? Motorcycle exhibits in Washington, Alberta, and Florida museums. Is there an onboard speed-tracking in your motorcycle's future? Loud pipes draw laws, lawmen and lots ire across the United States. Trash-talking trailer-park owner says motorcycles make trailer trash. "You're only as good a rider as the worst driver you encounter." Hit 100 mph, go directly to jail. Want to learn to do something wheelie, wheelie unnecessary and dangerous? Watch for motorcycles.

The Dangers of Riding in Thunderstorms
This rider died after being struck by lightning. Although they aren't always fatal, lightning strikes on motorcyclists aren't all that rare, either. This might make you think twice about riding in a thunderstorm, especially if you are the highest point around (or in Florida). It is one more reason for wearing a helmet, since the strike usually renders the rider unconscious and he crashes. Riders who have experienced a lightning strike usually tell us that they just remember waking up in the ditch. They sometimes only know they were struck because other people saw it. The Struck By Lightning and NASA sites linked to below have tips on avoiding strikes, help for those who have been hit, and a reminder that Lightning Awareness Week starts June 19.
Virginian Pilot, VA
Struck by Lightning
http://NASA on Lightning Strikes

Life and Times of the Motorcycle
The Reynolds-Alberta Museum near Wetaskiwin, Alberta has unveiled a 150-bike exhibit covering the last 105 years of motorcycling. Topic areas include Origins of the Motorcycle, Pioneers, Motorcycles at Work, Customizing, Racing, Off-Road, Advertising Through the Century, Fashion, and My First Bike.
http://Montreal Gazette, Canada
http://Museum Exhibit site

**...And James Dean's First Motorcycle Goes on Display **
The Whatcom Museum of Bellingham, Washington has added James Dean's CZ 350 to its collection for the "The Good, the Bad, and the Custom" exhibit.
http://The Auto Channel
http://Whatcom Museum Site

Art of the Motorcycle to Orlando in January
The acclaimed exhibit created for the Guggenheim, currently in Memphis, will be at the Orlando Museum of Art during Daytona Bike Week. It opens in January and runs until July.
Orlando Museum of Art exhibit info
Orlando Museum of Art press release

Is It Race or Age and Motorcycle Type?
Charges that Myrtle Beach treats participants in the predominantly white Harley Bike Week differently from those who come to Black Bike Week have created tensions and prompted courts to intervene. Both events draw about a quarter-million riders, but the authorities say that different traffic arrangements are used because the ages of the riders and types of bikes are different, leading to different behavior. Others think that racism was behind the less-convenient traffic plan for Black Bike Week.
Christian Science Monitor
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Dateline Alabama, AL

Thrown Out of His Home for Owning a Motorcycle
More discrimination is this story. This Florida community wants to throw a 77-year-old rider out because, "You put these motorcycles in here, you know what it's going to be? Trailer trash, that's what." That seems like an odd thing for a trailer park manager to say. And it isn't about noise, because the bike is question is a stock 1800 Gold Wing, quieter than most other residents' cars. No, it is simply about discriminating against motorcyclists.
Palm Beach Post, FL

Big Brother on Your Bike
British officials are considering adding speed-monitoring devices to motorcycles. Next: printers to give you the ticket.
Edgware & Mill Hill Times, UK
This is Local London, UK

How About Jail Time for Triple-Digit Speeds?
That's what this editorial advocates&#!%!for motorcyclists.The Daily News Journal, TN

Cheap Fun, Fuel-Efficient...Oh Yeah, and Dangerous
The cost of fuel is making more people think about taking up motorcycling—especially in balmy Florida. But motorcycles aren't for everyone—and not everyone is meant for motorcycles. This cautionary tale also has a great comment by sheriff's Sgt. Jim Bordner: "You're only as good a rider as the worst driver you encounter."Tampa Tribune, FL

Attacking Noise in New Hampshire
As Loudon approaches, state legislators ponder the best way to keep it down to a dull road. Loud pipes may mean trouble for all aftermarket exhaust systems.
Concord Monitor, NH

...And Muffling Noise Elsewhere
From Malibu to Myrtle Beach, more communities are enforcing noise laws as loud pipes draw increased ire of others.
Kansas City Star, MO
St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN
Malibu Times, CA
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC

**Learn to Wheelie—and DieWheelying is one of the most pointless motorcycle skills to master, but there are schools to teach you. And some people are dying to learn.Mid Hudson News, NYTimes Herald-Record, NYNew York Times, NYNew York Times, NY

Other Drivers Help Catch Drunk Who Hit Motorcyclist
They boxed her in and she still escaped—for a while. But a flat tire and police put an end to her attempt to avoid responsibility.San Diego Union Tribune, CANBC 7/39, CA

Five Years in Prison for Giving Kids a Motorcycle Ride?
That's what the headline of the first article suggested, but he actually abducted the two 11-year-old kids from his ex-wife's home, hit them, accidentally burned them when the bike fell on them, and terrified them during the ride.

Two-Bike Crash Could Be Homicide
Not only was the crash probably caused by another driver, but it may have been intentional.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA

Freak Crash of the Week: Watch for Motorcycles
Even when you are riding one.
Toledo Blade, OH

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We were sent this photo taken in Vietnam by a reader (who didn't include his name, so we can't credit him). You may shudder at the potential for road rash, but it gets worse when you look closely. There are three people on this bike.
A shocking way to end a ride.