Motorcycle News Roundup: Feds Fund Safety Study; Motorcycle Air Conditioning; 36,000 Helmets Recalled; Harley Sued.

Motorcycle news updates

Lots of bike thieves were busted. Harley sued for slow sales. If you run from the cops on your bike and get away, bragging about it on the internet can backfire. Myrtle Beach, Art of the Motorcycles, and waking the dragon. And watch for falling rocks.

Federal Highway Bill Passes Both Houses
After two years of wrangling, both houses of Congress have approved future funding for highways, on the eve of its expiration. This bill impacts motorcyclists not just because it will help improve, maintain and add to roadways nationwide, but because it includes supports motorcycle safety programs and—perhaps most important—includes funding for a new motorcycle safety study. However, it is also full or pork. And $11 billon over the figure that President Bush would draw a veto. When you realize how difficult it was to get a few million dollars to study motorcycle safety, the report by the Los Angeles Times about how Texas plans to divert $16 million in federal highway funds to repair a rusty battleship may annoy you. That's why an editorial in the _ Philadelphia Inquirer _ urges a veto. The two houses also need to approve a bill with language they can both accept.
AMA DirectLink
New York Times, NY
Citizen's Voice, PA
Los Angeles Times
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
Kansas City Star, MO
Portland Press Herald, ME
The Ledger, FL

As NHTSA Announces Plans for Pilot Study
This could be first step of the most important government-sponsored motorcycle-safety project in a quarter-century.

Motorcycle Air Conditioning
If a mesh jacket isn't doing the job, the personal air conditioner from Entrosys, a company in Israel, may be just what you need.
Haaretz, Israel
Entrosys site

**36,800 Helmet City (HCI) Model 100 Helmets Recalled **
HCI's model 100 one of those minimum-coverage DOT-certified shorties as shown here and popular with cruiser riders. It comes in a variety of colors and graphics. The retaining strap could break, so the company is recalling it for free repairs. You can contact HCI at (888)550-3731 for a free repair.
Helmet City site

Good Times for Tennessee Riders
There are lots of motorcycle events in and around the Volunteer State this summer, starting with the already running Art of the Motorcycle exhibit in Memphis. The Dragon has been wakened, and the Honda Hoot is less than a month away.
Knoxville News Sentinel, TN
Honda Hoot
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA
Maryville Daily Times, TN

Harley Sales Slowdown Draws Lawsuit
An investor is accusing Harley's CEOs of fraud, saying that the company was "stuffing" its supply line by building ever more motorcycles even though sales were slowing down. He claims that this was done to protect the CEOs' own stock sales by waiting to announce the leveling off of sales until after they sold. The stock dropped sharply in April after Harley's quarterly announcement that told of flattening sales. Harley says the "lawsuits are without merit."
Milwaukee Small Business Times, WI
Duluth News Tribune, MN
Motorcycle Cruiser Article on Harley sales
Milwaukee Business Journal, WI
Yahoo! Harley press release
Yahoo! law firm press release
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI

Tony Neighborhoods Become the Front Line of the Noise War
Malibu is one of the most popular places to ride in the country, but loud pipes have residents up in arms. The same is true in Royal Oak, Michigan
Malibu Times, CA

Stories We Love: Bike Thieves Busted
This month cops are putting the cuffs on motorcycle theft all over the country. One of those hauled in was "Queer Eye's" Mike the Mechanic.
Pasadena Citizen, TX
New York Daily News, NY
Jacksonville Daily News, NC
San Diego Union Tribune, CA
Nashua Telegraph, NH

A Quarter-Million Motorcyclist Head for Myrtle Beach Bike Week
It's a 10-day Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach. But not everyone enjoys a big party.
Tuscaloosa News, AL
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Florence Morning News, SC

High-Speed Stupid in Public
We know a cop who says that the offense that most people get arrested for is "stupid in public." As proof of that theory, this genius ran from the cops twice on his bike, then bragged about it on the internet. Guess who was reading his posts...
Akron Beacon Journal, OH

Perp Snatches Purse, Jumps on Bike, Victim Takes Him Down
Motorcycle getaway goes bad in Malaysia.
New Straits Times, Malaysia
Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Freak Crash of the Week: Watch for Falling Rocks
She was just riding down the interstate. A five-pound rock dropped on her, causing the fatal accident.
Salem Statesman Journal, OR

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John Reynolds gets an early start on some good riding this season.
This is the black version of the HCI helmet that's being recalled.