Motorcycle News Roundup: EPA Targets Customs. Smell for Safety. The First Crash of the Day Should Be a Warning.

Motorcycle news and headlines, June 6, 2006

Website shows where motorcycle crashes happen. Court says if you encourage someone to do something that results in a crash, you are responsible. Chicago abandons bike ban in parades. Eventful events. Crash aftermaths. If you crash, will they find you?

EPA Takes Aim at Custom-Built Motorcycles
Is it for the greater good or just easier for the EPA?
Orlando Sentinel, FL

What You Smell Affects How You Ride
We have long said that your nose can give you early warning of threats like spilled fuel or coolant, but now the RAC Foundation says what you smell can affect how you drive. That moldy gym shirt might make your driving worse, but a cinnamon scent in your helmet could improve your riding.
The Herald, UK
RAC Foundation release

British Website Highlights Danger Points
The new Handle It or Lose It site allows biker in the UK to plan their rides, see where others have crashed and report the locations of their own crashes. It also has general tips for riders
eGov Monitor, UK
Handle It or Lose It

Death on Camera: You Tape It, You Own It
Last September two riders were being taped stunting on the street—with no pants—when one crashed and died. The cameraman and his production company have now been found negligent for orchestrating the stunts. The tape was immediately destroyed to try to hide the evidence, but the judge said the cameraman bore partial responsibility for the rider's death.
Washington Times, DC
Monsters & Critics
Washington Post, DC

Is Buell Big Enough?
Harley's sportbike company sells just a tiny percentage of Harley's total. What's ahead?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI

Beware Bambi
Wisconsin warns that deer-vehicle crashes go up at this time of year.
Marshfield News Herald, WI

Chicago Backs Away from Bike Ban in Parades
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who seems to have a habit of simply getting rid of anything that annoys him, decided that motorcycles in parades could possibly endanger spectators, so he banned them. The AMA helped stop that foolishness.
AMA DirectLink

You Might Want a PELT
That's a Personal Emergency Locator Transmitter, and it might have helped searchers find this downed rider in less than the four days that apparently transpired between when he crashed and when his body was found. It might have also prevented an Iowa man from spending a day in a ditch after his crash.
Tri-Valley Herald, CA
Des Moine Register, IA

Police Want Help Finding Missing Motorcyclist-Sailor
It doesn't sound hopeful. He got on his bike late one evening after drinking to ride home and hasn't been seen for a week.
San Diego Union Tribune, CA

**Update: ** His body was found. Alcohol and motorcycles make a bad-tasting cocktail.
NBC 7/39 TV, CA
Sign On San Diego, CA

The Problem with Helmet-or-Insurance Laws
Even with a helmet, you will often need insurance. And it leaves passengers unprotected too.
Naples Daily News, FL

Quadriplegic's Motorcycle Trip to Draw Attention to Medicare Issues
He was injured in a bike crash, but now he is traveling by motorcycle again to draw attention to the issues surrounding long-term care.

Myrtle Beach Wonders: No More Bike Weeks?
Back-to-back bike weeks bring in lots of people, but some locals think it's too disruptive.
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC
The State, SC
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC

Rumsfield Addresses Riders at Rolling Thunder
The Sec Def spoke at the annual salute to vets Memorial Day.
ABC News
Indianapolis Star, IN
Bridgewater Courier News, NJ

Republic of Texas Rally Rumbles Through Austin
The biggest rally in Texas hits Austin's streets.
The Daily Texan, TX
Austin Business Journal, TX
The Daily Texan, TX
News Eight TV, TX
News Eight TV, TX

Americade Gets Underway
The touring rally celebrates its 23rd year at Lake George, NY.

Here Comes Laconia
They want everyone looking for motorcycles.
U.S. NewsWire
Union Leader, NH
Foster's Daily Democrat, NH

Wreck of the Week: It Wasn't Road Rage, So I Shouldn't Be Charged
This teenager was having a rolling confrontation with occupants of another car and swerved into the path of the oncoming motorcyclist, killing him. He doesn't think he did anything wrong.

Consider the First Crash of the Evening a Warning
When you drop your bike the first time, it might be a sign that you should just park it. You continue to ride at your own peril, as this Florida fire captain discovered.

Failure to Observe: The Aftermath
The sun shone warmly, and the sky was clear. He stopped. She stopped. He had right of way. She says she looked. But she obviously didn't see. A few minutes later, he was dead, his heart ruptured. A year later, aftershocks continue to shake everyone involved. Should the 79-year-old driver have been charged?
Nashua Telegraph, NH

Desperado Motorcycles Turns Ten
Selling 300 custom motorcycles a year at about $42,000 each (less a few for charity) has been lucrative.
Conroe Courier, TX
Desperado Motorcycles

Political Advertising or Harley Advertising?
This Harley dealer owner is running for mayor of san Diego. Do his ads run afoul of campaign laws?
Sign On San Diego. CA

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