Motorcycle News Roundup: The Best Head Protection? Fuel Cell Bike Coming. The Wild Ones Return to Hollister.

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You might be surprised at which helmets best protect your brain. Dog bike causes bike wreck. Motorcycle vigilantes in Ohio? Harley's ultimate demo ride. Newsflash: Older guys prefer cruisers.

Motorcycle Helmets: What You Don't Know
What gives the best head protection? Maybe not what you think.
Motorcyclist Magazine

Fuel-Cell Bike Maker Hopes for Production Next Year
Intelligent Energy is looking for a partner to make its ENV hydrogen fuel-cell bike, which has a top speed of about 60 mph and will probably cell for $7000 or so. We have briefly ridden the bike, which is quiet and clean, but also very high in the seat and in need of a revamp before it can meet DOT requirements. The fuel cell will get you about 100 miles, and the company, which plans to relocate in Southern California, offers a home recharging system.
AZ Central

**Motorcycle Patrols in Dayton "Not Vigilantes" **
Fifteen bike clubs are patrolling high-crime areas of the Ohio city to make residents feel safer.
Akron Beacon Journal, OH

Hollister Welcomes "The Wild Ones"
The annual July 4 rally is getting underway in the town made famous by the Brando movie.
Hollister Freelance, CA

Driver Who Rammed Motorcycle, Killing Two, May Face Death Penalty
He was fresh out of jail when he apparently attacked his girlfriend who the passenger on the bike. The rider also died.
Centre Daily Times, PA

Loud Pipes Snuffed in New Hampshire
Those who flaunt it will face a $500 fine.
Fosters, NH

While Other Places Call for Tougher Enforcement
They are tired of your noise in Iowa too.
Quad City Times, IA

Rental Program Helps Drive Harley Sales
About one-third of those who rent return to buy.
Cincinnati Post, OH
Rockford Star, IL
Duluth News Tribune, MN

Why You Need to Know Who You Are Riding With
We are amazed at the number of people who will climb on a bike behind a near-stranger, assuming he knows what he's doing. That misplaced confidence sent a Canadian woman to the hospital.
680 News, Canada

Slightly Tighter Laws for New Riders in Pennsylvania
As it currently stands, you can legally buy and ride a bike with no training, no helmet and not even a written test. At least they are suggesting a change to the last item.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA

Compromises Permit Charity Ride to Proceed
Both sides blamed the other for problems that might have cancelled the ride to benefit a children's hospital, but in the end, it turns out that we all can get along.
Brown County Democrat, IN

Old Guys and Cruisers
Maybe we are supposed to be surprised that the guys who buy slower, more expensive, and more luxurious bikes are older than the people who buy sportbikes.
Bradenton Herald, FL

Wreck of the Week: Dogs Bite Son, Dad Crashes
We was rushing home after his eight-year-old son was bitten by the family dogs. However, his crash injuries weere worse than the kid's injuries from the dogs&#!%!or the spanking from his mom that started the whole melee. It's a reminder not to ride when you're agitated.Dayton Daily News, OHOhio News Network

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Hollister, site of the events that inspired the movie "The Wild Ones," holds its annual motorcycle event over the 4th of July. We don't think Lee Marvin or Marlon Brando will be there.