Motorcycle News Headlines: Motorcycle Crash Penalties, Memorial, Money

News headlines of interest to motorcyclists

AMA wants real penalties for biker killers. Another group wants a monument for the victims. Rider hits $600.000, crashes. Where's a tow truck when you need one? Man screws for Harley. No new trial for Janklow.

**AMA Calls for Tougher Sentences in Wake of Janklow Trial **
The "Justice for All" campaign calls for real sentences for drivers who kill motorcyclists.
AMA DirectLink
Aberdeen News, SD

**Motorcyclists Memorial Proposed **
This Illinois group want to build a monument to riders who died with their boots on.
Mt. Vernon Register News, IL

**Motorcylist hits $600,000 and Crashes **
A family of a kidnapped man dropped $20 million (Taiwan) off a bridge as ordered by the kidnappers. It hit the rider, who crashed. He didn't even get to keep any.

**Tow Truck Driver Lifts Car Off Rider **
The rider's Kawasaki was hit by one can and ended up under another. Fortunately there was a tow truck at the scene.

**Virginia Helmet-Free Bill Advances **
It was passed out of committee but faces an uncertain future on the floor.

**Red-Light Runners Would Fund Trauma Centers **
This proposed Florida law will raise funds for red-light running, among the most dangerous of traffic infractions, anf fund trauma centers and education, The local ABATE backs it.
Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL

**Florida Buys Harleys for Rider-Training Courses **
The state's buy-American requirement forced them to do it, but officials haven't been talking much to the press about the program, which will cost nearly $300,000.
Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL

**Illinois Museum Succumbs to "Motorcycle Madness" **
After some trepidation, the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola, IL has opened a motorcycle exhibit, titled "A Millennium of Motorcycle Madness," that lasts through May. The museum's board, initially skeptical, has now has to extend the museum's hours to meet the increase in traffic.
Tuscola View, IL

**Man Screws His Way to a Harley **
Contestants faces a different challenge to win a Sportster.
Holland Sentinel. MI

**Honda Shows Record Profit, and Workers Want Bonus **
After a year of great profits, the union that represents about a third of Honda's workers is asking for a bonus equal to six months' pay.
Springfield News Sun, OH

**Judge Says No New Trial for Janklow **
A new trial might have postponed his minimal jail sentence.
Kansas City Star, MO

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