Motorcycle News Headlines: Biker Killer Gets off Scott-Free; Indian to Auction

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Multi-motorcyclist-killer acquitted in Iowa...but not South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow, who will be sentenced this week. Harleyville, South Carolina cashes in. Indian Motorcycle Company cashes out. The non-Daytona: Yukon schedules all brand motorcycle rally (for summer) in Whitehorse.

**Driver who Killed Three Motorcyclists Acquitted **
This driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and caused the crash, where he crossed the centerline, killing three riders in the group and seriously injuring three more. The jury apparently decided the vehicular homicide charge was too stiff, and lesser charges were not pursued. The prosecutor had argued that driving for 16 hours and continuing to drive after 25 hours of not sleeping was reckless, but the jury did not agree. The driver has therefore escaped any criminal penalties. He still faces civil suits, however.
Ames Daily Tribune, IA
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, IA

**Janklow Denied Acquittal **
No surprise here. The request for an appeal was just a formality. Meanwhile, South Dakota's U.S Representative to Congress, Bill Janklow, who faces sentencing this Thursday, has mailed out goodbye letters to his South Dakota constituency. He will resign on Tuesday. He will also request a new trial in a February 10 hearing.
Aberdeen American News, SD
USA Today

**Indian's Equipment Sold, Trademarks Still in Play **
HREL, the company that bought Indian Motorcycle Company's "hard assets" -- machinery needed to build the bikes -- would like the trademarks, which would allow it to build the motorcycles again. The fate of those assets will be decided this week in a January 21 auction.
San Jose Business Journal, CA
Gilroy Dispatch, CA
Yahoo! News
NREL Press Release
Sacramento Bee, CA
Motorcycle Cruiser magazine

**Harleyville, Unable to Beat 'Em, Cashes In **
The South Carolina town has started selling its city-limits signs for a mere $20 plus shipping and is making a profit.
Sarasorta Herald-Tribune, FL

**Far from Daytona: Yukon Motorcycle Rally Slated for June **
The event will have limited registration to ensure that Whitehorse can handle the crowd.
Whitehorse Star, Canada

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