Motorcycle House Introduces Nomad USA Line for 2015

New product line includes riding gear and luggage

Motorcycle House is announced that they are launching a new product line called Nomad USA. Nomad USA will offer Motorcycle House customers the same great quality they have come to expect from anything offered at Motorcycle House but at a lower price point.

“Motorcycle House understands that customers always want great products at the lowest possible price,” stated Ramiro Hernandez, Marketing Manager at Motorcycle House. “We’ve noticed that our biggest sellers are always our lowest priced items, but customers always asked for even lower prices whenever possible. We just wanted to make something that would fit all budgets. We understand that we all took a hit when the economy took a turn for the worst and Nomad USA is going to help out everyone.”

Nomad USA comes at a time when Motorcycle House is thriving and has experienced great growth since joining the market almost ten years ago.

“One thing that we’ve discovered about our products over the years is that brand value doesn’t always reflect the prices. Saddlebags offered by some manufacturers are priced at ridiculously high prices but are inferior products to what we have to offer. Don’t be fooled and just buy because of the name, buy because of the quality,” says Ramiro Hernandez. He adds, “Our Nomad USA prices will be low but that doesn’t mean our products will be cheap by any means. Quite the contrary.”

Nomad USA products will be available to be purchased with any and all of Motorcycle House's future promotional sales and special discount codes, making their prices even lower. For more info about Nomad USA visit their website.