Motorcycle Headlines, November 5, 2003

Cruise news

Check your sound level. Video questions helmet effectiveness. More MC TV. Another homicidal driver.

Voluntary Sound Test Allows NY Riders to Check Pipes' Legality
After a local ordinance banned excess noise, ABATE of New York and the AMA, with the help of the local police department, arranged no-hassle tests of sound levels in a dealer's parking lot and give certificates to those who met the rule. The test will be repeated next spring throughout New York. Here is the story:
AMA DirectLink

Spike TV to Launch "Top Dead Center" Motorcycle Show January 3
According to the production company, the show "celebrates the lifestyle, the personalities, the machines and the events that have made motorcycles icons of speed for over a century."
Horsepower TV

Are Helmets Effective?
That is the question that this European video explores and seeks to answer. The points are clear even if you can't understand everything that's said.
Superbike Magazine, UK

And Another Driver Deliberately Runs Down Motorcyclists
But this time there seems to have been no provocation, just impatience. Worse, the driver fled the scene and has not been found. Maybe you can help catch the instigator of this North Carolina tragedy.
News 14 Charlotte, NC

If you missed the previous story, where a driver in a stolen pickup deliberately ran over five outlaw bikers and killed two, it was included in our Motorcycle Headlines round-up from the past weekend:
Motorcycle Cruiser

"Faster" Movie to be Shown in US in Conjunction with International Motorcycle Shows
The movie, about 500cc Moto GP roadracing, features spectacular footage of the sport. It will be shown at theatres near the show venues, and you can get tickets at the shows. You can see the trailer online here:
"Faster" trailers

The news release is here:
"Faster" News.

The International Motorcycle Shows site, with the schedules for the 13 show venues, is here: International Motorcycle Shows.

World's Smallest Rideable Motorcycle
It weighs 2.4 pounds.

Yamaha's Electric Two-Wheelers
They are more on the scale of bicycles and scooters, but at least you can rock n' roll.
Gizmo, Australia

Hein Gericke, IFW Sale Official
Regular visitors to our site already know about it, but the sale of motorcycle apparel makers Hein Gericke and Intersport Fashions West (the U.S> source for Firstgear, Schuberth Helmets, Held Gloves, Oxtar Boots, and other brands as well as suppliers of apparel for many motorcycle companies) was completed MOnday. The new owner is the Fairchild Corporation, best known as an aircraft company.
[Business Wire]( 20031103006133&newsLang=en)

Here is our story:
Motorcycle Cruiser

British Coppers Mount Photo Radar on a Motorcycle
This allows them to park the picture-taking radar system almost anywhere and issue citation without stopping the driver or rider.
Motor Cycle News, UK

This Week's Signature Crash: Bike Collides with Bike This week motorcyclists dialed back the collisions with trains and started colliding with each other.
Marion Star, OH
Southern Illinoisian, IL

This one was a couple of weeks ago. It involves two cops and is a reminder of the dangers of group riding:
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA

Could Tariffs Erected to Protect the Steel Industry Hurt Harley?
Harley-Davidson is named as a company that could suffer from retaliatory measures because of a three-year tariff set by the president to protect the steel industry.
Miami Herald, FL
CBS-58, Milwaukee, WI

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_With the winter holiday season approaching, so are the big toy runs and major charity events like the Love Ride in Glendale, California this weekend.