Motorcycle Headlines: Harley-Davidson of Moscow. TV Motorcycle Comedy Coming. Mystery Crashes.

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Drinking driver kills actor-rider on tape. Rocket III drives Triumph to U.S. sales record. Loud pipes cause more trouble for motorcyclists. Hitting the wall on raised freeway ramps can be hazardous to your life. They crashed but their motorcycles are missing.

The Cold War Is Over. Harley Dealership Returns to Russia.
Harley originally opened a dealership in Moscow in 1913, but it was closed after the Communists came to power. Now there is a new one.
International Herald Tribune
Northwest Arkansas News, AR

Triumph Sees U.S. Sales Record
The company sold 1067 units here in April, a third more than April 2004. Interest in the monster 2300cc Rocket III cruiser is driving the growth.
Roadracing World, CA

Speed Channel to Air Motorcycle Comedy Show: "Hardtails"
Rick Fairless will head a colorful cast of characters—including his family and employees—in this "limited scripting" show about the custom motorcycle business. It debuts Tuesday, June 28.
The Auto Channel
Business Wire
Speed Channel

Drinking Driver Kills Mexican Actor-Motorcyclist on Tape
Mexican television actor Edgar Ponce was killed when a car smashed into the group of motorcyclists he was riding with during an "unauthorized" nighttime shoot for a TV commercial. The driver and the producer could be charged. The video linked to below is not for the weak of stomach, but after watching it, we were amazed that only one person died.
Yahoo News
Video of Crash on Hyundai Santa Fe Modifications site
Contact Music
Houston Chronicle, TX
El Universal, Mexico

Another Town Targets Loud Pipes
Shawnee, Kansas law would make non-stock pipes illegal. Local shops complain but offer no proposal to tone down noise on their own and instead fall back on the tired "loud pipes save lives" strategy.
Johnson County Sun, KS

Those Dangerous Freeway Overpass Ramps Strike Again
The low walls on overpass ramps may work for cars, but they allow motorcyclists who hit them to go right over and fall to the ground below. The latest victim was a Texas rider, who died. His bike was stopped by the wall, but he wasn't.
Houston Chronicle, TX

Harley's Muffler Maker Moves to Nebraska
The company has a new owner, and moving the operation from California puts it closer to Harley's assembly plants in York, PA and Kansas City, MO.
Lincoln Journal Star
San Jose Business Journal, CA

Don't Want to Wear a Helmet? Maybe Your Family Feels Differently.
He owned a good helmet, but he wasn't wearing it when he needed it. His family wishes he had—and they are the ones who have to live with it.WAVE TV, KY

Crash of the Week: Enraged Ex-Boyfriend Rams Bike, Kills Ex-Girlfriend Passenger and Rider
The ex-boyfriend who attacked the two riders had a restraining order against him. It wasn't enough.
San Francisco Chronicle, CA
PhillyBurbs, PA
North Eastern Pensylvania News, PA

Mystery Crash Scenario of the Week: Missing Bike
The rider was found dead. But where is the motorcycle? It happened in the U.S. and Australia. Maybe a similar event in England can provide the answer.
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
Motor Cycle News, UK

Who Saved My Life?
Twenty-five years later, a motorcyclist searches for the person who saved him after a crash.
Sun-Sentinel, FL

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Back in the USSR? Well, not exactly, since it isn't the USSR anymore and Harley never had a dealership while it was, but you can buy a Harley in Russia for the first time in almost a century.