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Nes and events of interest to motorcyclists

**It's a Motorcycle. No, It's a Car. A Motorcycle... **
The Sportcycle Converts from motorcycle to three-wheeled car. We aren't sure that it offers the best of either type of vehicle.
Sportcycle, UK

**Want to Work for Harley? Get in Line **
Even though Harley-Davidson does not have any current openings at its York, Pennsylvania assembly plant, over 1000 people have applied for possible future openings. Harley advertises for applicants to permit it to create a ready pool to hire from when there are openings.
York Daily Record, PA

**NHTSA Cracking Down on Aftermarket Lighting Suppliers **
The Feds has invested two dozen suppliers, terminating sales and/or instigating recalls for all their HID headlights.
NHTSA Release

**Motorcycle Halls of Fame Unite **
America's tow Motorcycle Halls of Fame—the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, located at American Motorcyclist Association headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio, and the National Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, in Anamosa, Iowa, are melding their facilities, inductees, and procedures under the banner of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.
AMA DirectLink

**Even If You Don't Want to Wear a Helmet, Maybe Your Passenger Should Have One—A Good OneThe rider is the first article linked to below had a routine spill and walked away. But his wife suffered "serious" head injuries. Such injuries can require life-long care costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the second story, the passenger, who according to the story was wearing a minimal helmet, died while the rider suffered just minor injuries.Bradenton Herald, FLSt. Louis Post-Dispatch, MO

**A Seasonal Reminder About Gasoline Leaks **
Every year, as motorcycles come indoors for winter, we see a few of these sorts of stories as gasoline spilled during maintenance (or through carburetors when petcocks aren't turned off) finds flames from heaters, etc. Treat that stuff like the explosive it is, and turn the petcock off when you park your bike.
Pasadena Citizen, TX

Honda Sales Rise Worldwide
Motorcycle sales are up and the company expects sales to rise by eight percent next year. In the last six months, Honda says it produced 5.283 million motorcycles.
Honda News
Turkish Press
Financial Times

**Chainsaw-Powered Motorcycle **
The Dolmette is powered by 24 chainsaw engines.
Dolmette Site

And a Moto Guzzi-Powered Aircraft
Planes with a couple of bored out Nevada engines go to war.
Bradford County Telegraph, FL

**Post-Hurricane Biketoberfest **
Bikes rolling into town didn't bring all the economic aid locals might have hoped for, and some complained about noise and bad behavior. Others thought it was one of the best ever.
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL

America Isn't the Only Place Where Motorcyclist-Killers Aren't Punished
The Australian woman was drunk and driving on the wrong side of the road, killed a motorcyclist and claimed not to know it, but the judge says she can still drive.
Herald Sun, Australia

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Harley-Davidson introduced the first factory-built cruiser motorcycle, this FX Super Glide, 34 years ago. Though the "boat tail" seat back was soon discarded, the rest of the concept seems to have taken hold. Harley basically followed the lead set by owners who customized their big twins.