Motorcycle Headlines and Upcoming Events: Diesel Kawasaki Warbikes, the Joy of Commuting, More Motorcycle Museums, and Another Reason Not to Drink and Ride.

Motorcycle headlines from around the internet

In the news: cellphone silliness, thieves target bike events, watching women ride, new Saxons, your future Chinese motorcycles, and how favorite motorcycle destinations—and the people who ride to them—are changing.

**Marines Order 500 Diesel Motorcycles **
The modified Kawasaki KLR650 gets 110 mpg—and has set a land speed record...for diesels.Business Weekly, UKInnovations Report, Germany

International Motorcycle Show Series Kicks Off in San Francisco
The winter show series is underway.
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

**Take a Lock: Motorcycle Events Draw Thieves **
If you're a motorcycle thief, where better to go shopping that a big bike event? Rallygoers in New Orleans had that lesson driven home. If you are going to the International Motorcycle Shows, bring an extra lock or three.

Harley's Hometown Museum Gets Final Approvals
Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee museum seems to have surmounted its final regulatory hurdle, and the planning and work can begin toward for an opening in 2008.
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, WI
Milwaukee Business Journal, WI

**While Another One Keeps on Truckin' **
Harley's mobile museum makes headlines when it comes to town.
Twin Falls Times-News, ID
Billings Gazette, MT
Twin Falls Times-News, ID

**Why Bay Bridge Commuters Love Motorcycles **
It is the only way to make any time for less than $341.
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

**If You Are Going Out Drinking, Better Give Your Riding Buddy Plenty of Room **
Drinking and riding is always a bad idea, but it probably seems worse when you run over and kill your riding companion.

**How to Use a Cellphone while Riding **
And tell what you think about it.
Japan Today

**Saxon Announces 2005 Line **
Remember when "chopper" and "custom" were the same thing?
Saxon Motorcycles

Corbin Three-Wheeler Concepts Find New Life as Harley-Powered Merlins
A company in Washington state has licensed rights to designs used by Corbin in its three-wheelers. It plans to power them with Harley engines and expects to sell them like hotcakes.
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA

**Biker Destination Grows Up **
In the 1960s, it was a party town for gangs, but now this Lake Erie resort attracts a different kind of motorcyclist.
Staten Island Advance, NY

People are Beginning to Talk: More Women Ride Motorcycles
The little ladies are riding big bikes on long rides.
Indiana Digital Student, IN
St. Petersburg Times, FL
Sacramento Bee, CA

China: Future World Motorcycle Power or Just Rip-Offs?
Most of the motorcycles built in China are copies or licensed versions of brands from other countries. Some expect that to change, as stated in this press release.

Australian Riders Also Want Tougher Penalties for Dangerous Drivers
American motorcyclists aren't only ones tired of being killed and injured by drivers who have little to fear in penalties.
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
NineMSN, Australia

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