Moonshiner Josh Goes Super Hooligan

Josh Owens preps his Hugo Moto equipped Sportster for races at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

hugo moto tracker
Jason Smith and Carl Pusser helping to put Josh's race bike together at Jason's spot in North CarolinaAdam Ray

Update: Josh got second place in his race!

Most ideas that come after hours of drinking shine in the wee hours of the night aren't going to be this good.

We were out in North Carolina to test out the Hugo World Tour kit, and I can never come to the Carolinas without sending out a "Heybuddy," text to my good friend Josh Owens. He said he had a lot going on but he would see if there was any way he could make it out to see us. A few hours later at almost 11pm, Josh's truck comes rumbling up the driveway and he pops out with a little Igloo cooler. You get three guesses what was in that cooler.

We had barely worked our way through the first jar and Josh and Jason are discussing their history of riding/ racing dirt bikes when I see a light go on above Nico from Hugo Moto's head. They had been working on a flat tracker kit, and hearing now that Josh was an exceptional rider-- it just clicked. Josh could ride the first ever Hugo Flat Tracker at Sturgis! Even better, he could race it at the Chip. Well this idea permeated most conversations for the rest of that night and many days after as the Moonshiner Tracker became a reality.

Hugo Moto Tracker
Hugo Moto's Flat Track kit to be raced by Josh OwensAdam Ray

This guy is a natural born hooligan. He rode it like he stole it, pinning the throttle like a mad man!

- Nico Danan

The seat/ tail section is something Matt Harris had been working on at his shop 40 Cal Customs and is supposedly very comfortable. Carl Pusser of Walking Tall Cycles hopped up the engine. Most everything you see on this bike will be available through Hugo's new Moonshiner Tracker Kit that they've been developing and will be up on their site next month.

The bike looks awesome and from the sounds of things, it's going to rip!

Check out for more details on their kits and if you're in South Dakota head over to the Buffalo Chip on the 9th to watch Josh race this bad boy out at the Super Hooligan races!

Sportster tracker tail
The tail section for the Hugo Moto tracker made by Matt Harris of 40 Cal CustomsAdam Ray
hugo motorcycle sportster tracker
Christian Travertson doing some final adjustments to the chainAdam Ray
Hugo Moto
The Hugo World Tour Kit with Jason's awesome FXR and the Moonshiner SportyAdam Ray
Hugo Moto Tracker
Josh's tracker set up at the Fox Suspension booth at SturgisAdam Ray
Hugo Moto moonshiner tracker's gotta be the bikeAdam Ray