A Mini Buyer's Guide To Summer Gloves - Cool Hand Beauts

These eight air-conditioned mitts give new meaning to the term, "in the wind"

When summer heat goes up to 11, it's tough staying cool out on the road. However,that's not an excuse to ditch your riding gear. It's been three years since we last looked at summer gloves (Aug. '05), so we've compiled a handful of new models for you to check out. When choosing any pair of gloves look for all-leather on the palm, protection over the knuckles and a retention strap. All of the gloves here provide copious ventilation via scoops, perforated leather or mesh. Now that's cool!

Alpinestars Breeze Air Flo Glove $35
These gloves have an all-leather palm with synthetic leather on the backs and sides of the fingers. Synthetic leather- covered padding also lives on the heel of the hand and across the knuckles. Ventilation is provided via nylon mesh on the back of the hand, thumb and base of the fingers. A Velcro wrist strap keeps it all snug.
Cortech GX Air Glove $35
The GX's forceful ventilation comes via mesh fabric covering the thumb, back of the hand and wrist, and between the fingers. The back of the fingers and knuckles is protected with perforated goatskin while the knuckles and back of the hand are padded. The palm is leather and padded at the heel. A hook-andloop flap keeps the glove secure.
Gripswell Gs-33 Cruiser $52
The GS-33s are all-leather, with ventilation provided through perforations on both sides of the fingers and a nylon-Lycra panel across the knuckles. Closure is via a large hook-andloop flap, and the gloves are treated for water resistance, too. The main feature is ergonomically designed memory foam on the palm and base of the thumb that's said to reduce vibration.
Olympia Sports 452 Perforated Full Throttle $45
Another all-leather glove, the 452 is perforated on the back of the hand and around the fingers. The gloves close with a hook-and-loop strap. A flexible Internal plastic guard protects the knuckles, and there's even reflective piping on the back of the hand. The palms are padded with silicone gel and a second layer of leather.
Rev'it! Stream $80
The Stream combines goatskin and mesh, designed to provide a "balance between protection and ventilation." Goatskin covers the entire palm and part of the fingers and is perforated on the back. mesh provides ventilation between the fingers and on the back of the hand and wrist. The knuckles are covered by a large composite protector. Closure is via a wrist strap and gauntlet flap.
Roadgear Carbonmaxx $67The Carbonmaxx gets its name from the large carbonfiber knuckle guard on the back. Protection also includes all-leather construction with a variety of pads on the fingers, hand and inside of the wrist. The gloves are perforated on the back and around the fingers with small air scoops on the middle fingers. The Carbonmaxx close with hook-and-loop straps.
Scorpion Stinger Glove $46
The Stingers combine a synthetic-leather palm with a fully perforated goatskin back. The knuckles are protected by internal plastic armor, and there is a second layer of leather on the outside edge of the hand. The back of the glove is lined with Scorpion's KwikWick material to help draw perspiration away from the hand. Closure is via hook-andloop flap.
Teknic Magnum Leather Glove $30
The magnums are all-leather and feature box construction- all the seams are on the outside for added comfort. There are perforations covering the back of the gloves and between the fingers. The base of the fingers and heel of the hand have a layer of memory foam to reduce vibration. Retention is by elastic around the wrist.