Midnight Runner: An Electric Cafe Racer

Energica Electric X Apache Customs silent cafe racer

Electric motorcycles are coming. In one way or another, this technology is going to change the sport we love. Whether it's in dirt bikes with 100% torque output through the entire rev range, or in street racers like this, it's coming. One of the leading names in electrics: Energica Motorcycles has paired up with Italian builders Apache Customs to build this cafe racer with some serious late 70's style.

Energica Eva
The original bike, Energica EvaEnergica Motorcycles

To really appreciate this bike, you have to see the original. The Energica Eva is a full-performance naked electric street bike with some serious guts, boasting a top-speed over 120mph (trust us here, that's impressive for a production electric). Turning it into a cafe racer involves not only the task of building the new components, but also removing all the parts and pieces that are functionally built into the bike. A new tail section has been fabricated to house whatever was tucked into that stock seat, and a large LED taillight was fabbed up to fit.

electric cafe racer
Midnight Runner by Energica x Apache CustomsEnergica

The lines of the fairing and seat are quintessentially KZ to me. The first thing that jumps to my mind is old Australian biker movies like Mad Max and Stone. Maybe it's something to do with the contrast of the sleek fairing and big bulky square headlights that gives this a sort of utilitarian feel harkening back to the Road Warrior. The boxy shape of the gas tank and seat just scream late 70's/ early 80's superbike.

Part one of a cafe racer is undeniably the look. Part two? the 'racer,' aspect, and this bike has it down pat. Just like the cafe racers of London in the 60s, this bike is not designed for long rides. It is designed to go from point A to point B through the city as quickly as possible. Meaning torque, brakes and suspension all needed to be top notch. Luckily for the guys at Apache, the Eva is put together with top-of-the-line braking and suspension components, leaving that aspect of the build able to remain relatively untouched.

Electric Cafe racer
Midnight Runner by Energica x Apache CustomsEnergica

Seeing the classic aesthetic of the cafe racer transformed into an electric bike is much more appealing to me than I thought it would be. The juxtaposition of modern technology and retro styling actually work really well together on this bike, because it does what a cafe racer should do exceptionally well (I can speak from experience having ridden the Eva). I love the styling of the later cafe racers/ road racers that this fairing reminisces on, and the Midnight Runner translates cafe racer style to modern electric very well.

Electric cafe racer
Fairing detail on the Midnight Runner by Energica x Apache CustomsEnergica Motorcycles

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