Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

The Best Bikes from the Annual Invitational Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee

One cool Shovelhead from Mama Tried Show.
Clean and simple, we loved this Shovelhead from Mama Tried Show.Mike Calabro

We headed to Milwaukee, Feb 19-21, for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, an annual invitational event showcasing some of the best motorcycles in the Midwest area and beyond. The Mama Tried Show featured over 50 motorcycles from builders with completely different backgrounds with one shared passion: building bikes because they love it. And we can definitely be part of that. Pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land," as Alice Cooper eloquently educated us from Wayne's World we were eager to glad to be back in the birthplace of Harley-Davidson Motor Company for a weekend devoted to cool bikes, great music, rad racing, and much more.

Roland Sands during the Hooligan Class at Flat Out Friday during Mama Tried.
Roland Sands tears up the Dr. Pepper soaked concrete at the Flat Out Friday races during the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show weekend.Mike Calabro

After stuffing our pieholes with cheese curds o plenty, we hit the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena on Friday evening for Flat Out Friday sponsored by Harley-Davidson, which is a completely unique flat track race where riders circled the Dr. Pepper-slathered concrete in order to stick to the track, vying for bragging rights in seven different classes. Our two favorites included the Hooligan Class (modern, street legal stocked framed twins) and the Goof Ball/Inappropriate Motorcycle Class (Inappropriate motorcycles/Inappropriate racers on street bikes with headlights taped and costumes encouraged).

Mama Tried Pre-Party
These dudes partied their faces off to psychedelic doom rockers, Moon Curse, with opening set by indie-rock quartet, Whips during The Garage at the Harley-Davidson Museum Pre-Party.Mike Calabro

After the racing shenanigans had concluded we hit the Harley-Davidson Pre-Party at The Garage at the Harley-Davidson Museum and were treated to psychedelic doom rockers, Moon Curse, with opening set by indie-rock quartet, Whips.

Victory's Project 156 in the flesh.
You may remember the coverage from our pals at Cycle World of Victory's Project 156 racing up Pike's Peak.Mike Calabro

After the Friday fun, we hit the Mama Tried Show venue early Saturday morning in an old warehouse near the Milwaukee River. Bikes from all over the Midwest were on display, along with plenty of PBR to keep thirsts quenched of those walking the grounds of Mama Tried. One of our favorite bikes of all time, Victory's Project 156, was on display, but we better remember it from when our pals at Cycle World built this bike for the sole purpose of racing it up Pike's Peak, piloted by none other than CW staffer, Don Canet.

Loving the Indian Scout Hooligan racer.
One of Indian's Scout Hooligan class racers on display at Mama Tried.Mike Calabro

We were definitely digging this Indian Motorcycle Scout Hooligan racer (above), which was part of Indian's Project Scout build-off competition. Indian Motorcycle dealerships around the country customized a Scout 60, and this fine effort from Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee, is still one of our favorites. If you hadn't noticed, the Hooligan racing scene has exponentially grown into a two-wheeled phenomenon that's as refreshing to watch as we're sure it is as exciting to race. Kudos to Indian and Harley for helping to back underground racing like this. After all, riding motorcycles is about having fun, and we can't think of a better way to do so, than sliding around a track on Dr. Pepper.

Speed Machine Motorcycles Honda Board Tracker
Steve Olds from Speed Machine Motorcycles crafted this super clean Honda Board Tracker.Mike Calabro

And of course, who can't appreciate the style and grace of a classic board tracker, like the one above from Speed Metal Motorcycles, and his Honda tracker. Or the beautifully crafted Kawasaki racer below with beautifully sculpted lines and meticulously detailed bodywork. These were just two fine examples of the talented craftsmanship on display at Mama Tried.

One of the many gems from Mama Tried, this clean Kawi racer.
Loving this lil' Kawasaki Racer from Mama Tried.Mike Calabro

Basically, there were plenty of good times to be had at the 2016 Mama Tried Motorcycle Show, and we'll definitely be back next year for more fun in the Milwaukee sun...or snow... Whatever Mother Nature throws at us, we'll be sure to be there.