Lucky 14: Cafe Racer DOHC CB750

An updated cafe from 14 Cycles in the Netherlands

14 Cycles
14 Cycles 1980 Honda CB75014 Cycles

The CB750 is no stranger to the cafe game. The SOHC or Single OverHead Cam, inline-four has seen just about every take on cafe racer there is. It's big brother, however, the DOHC has not had nearly as much time in the spotlight.

The addition of a second cam bulks up the head of the engine. A look that most builders shy away from, but that "massive" look is exactly what attracted the guys over at 14 Cycles to this bike. The huge engine sits in the minimal frame, and balances perfectly with the short exhaust.

14 Cycles
Rearset and exhaust detail on 14 Cycles Honda CB75014 Cycles

My favorite part of this build, is that if you didn't know what they started with, you would think they did a lot less work than they did. The lines are clean and smooth. The swingarm was fabricated in house and mounts to a Yamaha R1 mono shock. The intake for the air cleaner lines up with the lower part of the frame and compliments the exhaust line well. The wheels are off of two different models of BMW GS, while the forks came off of a GSXR. A custom battery box hides down by the rear set foot controls.

14 Cycles
Triple tree and gauge detail on 14 Cycles Honda CB75014 Cycles

The style takes a strong engine and classic cafe racer style and blends it with modern components to make it a fully rideable bike. As the guys at 14 Cycles put it "an old school cafe racer, in a modern jacket."

To see more from 14 Cycles, check out their site at 14cycles.NL

14 Cycles
14 Cycles Honda CB75014 Cycles
14 Cycles
The Yamaha R1 shock mounted to the custom fabricated singarm14 Cycles
14 Cycles
14 Cycles CB75014 Cycles