Let's Play a Game!

Road trip game to help young drivers with motorcycle awareness

For most parents, the idea of sending their kids out on the road for the first time is pretty scary. Naturally, parents who ride will know the threats of distracted teen drivers and nimble motorcycles coming up quickly around their cars. SuperbikeFactory.Co.Uk has come up with a brilliant idea to help ensure that when your kids do get to feel the freedom of the open road, looking out for bikers will be natural for them.

Teach your kids to count motorcycles on road trips and they will naturally notice them when they learn to drive!SuperbikeFactory.Co.Uk

It's very simple, just have your kid count bikes while you're out on a drive. You can have them try to tell the difference between sport bikes and cruisers and call them out to you, or even name brands as they get a little older. It's a fun and easy way to pass the time, that will undoubtably increase their awareness on the road. Every little bit helps, right?