Lane-Splitting to Spread North?

Oregon Considers a Measure to Allow Two-Wheel Travel Between Lanes

Oregon may be dabbling with the idea of allowing its more than 200,000 endorsed motorcycle riders to squeeze through daily gridlock, much like its neighbor to the south already does.

For those not familiar with the concept, last week the California Highway Patrol released a document entitled "Lane Splitting General Guidelines." It's a written clarification of the kind of behavior law enforcement expects from you when 'sharing a lane...' at least in California. See it here:

Meanwhile, in the 77th Oregon Legislative Assembly (2013 Regular Session), Senate Bill 541 proposes to "allow operators of motorcycles and mopeds to pass vehicles in same lane during traffic jams or slowdowns. Allows operators of motorcycles and mopeds to travel between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles during traffic jams or slowdowns." (Read the bill here) Contact your state senator at the link below.

Oregon State Legislature - Oregon State Senate