Kentucky Riders Run Red Lights

New law in Kentucky lets bikers skip shoddy sensors

Why has this not happened until now!? and why is it only happening in one state?! If you're a rider, you are probably asking yourself these questions now. We have all been forced to run through traffic lights when a sensor isn't picking us up, hell, if we hadn't we would probably still be sitting there now.

While some states can be more flexible and officers on motorcycles will often understand your dilemma, many riders are still technically breaking the law when they pass through an unresponsive traffic signal. This law is simply taking away the risk of getting penalized for making a necessary move at a non-working light.

I have had the chance to ask a police officer in California about this in our last "Ask-A-Cop" feature, because it is something I face on a regular basis and his response was that the argument can be made that these are non-functioning lights, as they do not function appropriately when you arrive at the sensor. California vehicle code then instructs you to come to a complete stop and proceed when safe.

While some sensors are waiting for the weight of a vehicle, others are trying to sense the magnetism of your bike or it's wheels, and with the variety of materials used for wheels and incredibly light weight of some motorcycles, it is very difficult to guarantee that every bike will be sensed. We sure hope that this law is widely accepted and makes the jump to some other states. It would sure make the traffic system seem a little more friendly for riders.

You can find the original Kentucky news article HERE