KCRF Founder To Motorcycle Across U.S. in 5,000-Mile “Ride For A Cure”

Will Raise Funds for Research On His Way To Kids Cancer Conference

Ride For a Cure
The Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation’s (KCRF’s) Executive Director, Frank Kalman.KCRF

The Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation’s Executive Director, Frank Kalman, will ride his BMW motorcycle from San Luis Obispo to Chicago to attend a top gathering for cancer researchers in the U.S. The trip will include 5,000 miles in the July heat to raise awareness for the need to more adequately fund kids’ cancers, especially Neuroblastoma, the focal point for KCRF and the conference.

Imagine having a doctor tell you your 12-year- old daughter has cancer. Then nine months later have same doctor tell you, “she’s not going to make it.” One of our motorcycle brothers and his wife heard those words 15 years ago. After hearing these words they made a pact that there would be no limit to what they would do and where they would go to save their child’s life.

After a brutal 15-year journey, their daughter finished college and was married. While she may never be out of the woods she is one of the lucky ones. All the other kids that they had come to know early on in her journey are all gone now.

The loss of that last child triggered the formation of the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation to stop the suffering and loss caused by this childhood cancer.

Frank, Calli’s dad attributes much of his reactions to the lessons learned while campaigning on motorcycles as a young man. At the age of 16 he earned his pro motocross license and was also member of a three-man team that set three world records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

· Never take anyone's word when something important is at stake - confirm.
· Nothing is insurmountable for parents trying to save their child.
· If there's ever a time to "pull out the stops" it's when you're facing a cancer

These principles guide the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation’s mission.

Called “Ride For A Cure,” Frank will ride from San Luis Obispo, California on his old trusty BMW starting on July 11 th to arrive in Chicago on the 14 th to attend a conference with leading childhood cancer researchers presenting their research. This is one of many he attends each year. Along the way he plans to create awareness and raise funds for childhood cancer research.

If you saw the kids shown in this picture on the side of road needing help, would you stop? Sure you would and you can help by supporting Ride For A Cure on a per mile basis at: EndKidsCancer.org/support-us/.