Karlee Cobb's "Outrider" Scout

2015 Indian Scout Custom racer from Klock Werks

The name Klock has been synonymous with amazing custom motorcycles for years. But this isn't Brian's build, this is a new style of Kustom from another name in the Klock family: Karlee Cobb. Karlee was born into motorcycles, becoming the youngest land speed record holder in 2008 at only 14 years old, going 109.867mph on her Buell Blast. So when she got an Indian Scout to customize, we couldn't wait to see the results.

While out on the Hot Bike Tour this year we kept seeing her blast by on the Outrider and couldn't wait to get a look at the Scout. Once we finally managed to catch them at a stop, we were not disappointed. The bike has been done very tastefully. The custom color, like many of the other details, added to the overall without screaming at you. They let you take the time to soak in the beautiful lines and unique touches of the bike. The beauty is in the details. It maintains many of the bikes attractive qualities while adding a sort of brute functionality and tasteful elegance.

It's the sort of bike that is so well done, it looks like it could be a concept for a 2016 Scout.

We got the pleasure of sitting down with Karlee for a minute to ask her a few questions about her Scout: "The Outrider".

What was the bike that you started with, and why did you choose that model as a base for your custom?

Outrider is a 2015 Indian Scout. While Brian and I were walking downtown last year during Sturgis we came across the Indian booth. On the far side of the booth they had a few Indian Scouts. Brian told me to sit on one to see how I fit. I am a pretty small girl so I was shocked at how well I fit on this bike. I beamed over the bike for days. Brian made a few phone calls just to get information on them and next thing you knew I was asked to customize one. I felt so very honored and blessed!!!

Your Dad, Brian Klock is a legend in the Kustom industry, how much of this bike (if any) did he help out with?

Brian has a large influence on my life. When I get stuck in projects like this, he's my go to guy. Customizing is honestly not a natural thing for me; it's almost like I have to work for the ideas and have a very open mind. Needless to say I got stuck on a few designs/areas of the build. I'd go to Brian just for ideas and he'd throw some at me. We'd put our two thoughts together and make something out of it. He and others at the shop, we're by my side the whole build.

What are some of your favorite parts on this bike?

To start off I LOVE my exhaust. It just sounds so meaty and adds diversity to the whole bike. It's almost the first thing people comment on when they come up to it. (KULLY CO.) Though the seat may not look comfy to most, I totally enjoy it. It sent the bike a different look and makes it fun for me to ride; I love my tool roll too ;) (Biltwell) Also my performance machine wheels just make me smile. I'd have to say they are what makes the bike look sophisticated.

What is something done on this bike that you think makes it stand out as a Karlee Cobb custom?

Between the couple customs I have done I have shown more that I like pretty neutral, earthy colors. Picking the paint is one of my favorite parts. I also stay pretty original so far...not too flashy, but not too boring.

We heard you just turned 22, do guys get upset when your bike is faster than theirs?

As I get older guys are so much more accepting of the fact I have gone pretty fast one a motorcycle. They will say jokes about it at first but they always come around and end up being pretty interested in what our family does.

We know you've done some racing in the past, do you have any plans to race the Scout?

I do not have plans racing the scout. I would love to race it and any model bike for the matter. But where we race, some bikes aren't set up for it.

There's always something bigger and better coming down the line, what do you have planned for your next build?

I won't give all the details but Brian and I have been floating around the idea to build a electric chopper. I'm not too sure how I feel about the electric part.

For more information on Karlee and Klock Werks, visit KustomBaggers.com