The Iron Lilies Take Laconia

All women's all Harley riding motorcycle group leads Laconia Bike Week rides

Iron Lilies
The Iron Lilies on their Harley-Davidson SportstersIron Lilies

These aren't the girls that bought bikes so they could be a part of the scene for a weekend. They aren't the ones who borrow their motorcycles from their boyfriends or brothers to go to the campout and play dress-up. There's a reason they've been invited to lead 11 days of riding at Laconia Bike Week. These girls own their own bikes, and ride the hell out of them.

Three out of the six Lilies that will be attending are riding over 1400 miles from their home in Florida, and the others have to trailer them because they're working for Harley-Davidson and need to be a part of the crew. We called up the leader of the Iron Lilies, Leticia Cline, to talk a little about what they have in store for the week, as well as the ride up.

"We're leading 11 solid days of riding. We're working with Laconia Harley-Davidson and the city of Laconia, we're doing a ride with the Mayor, a couple different celebrities. There are some hill climbs and riding events, we're announcing concerts at night because this is the first time they're having a live music series at Laconia. But it's all about riding motorcycles. We're riding 1400 miles up to basically ride every single road up there."

Iron Lilies
Leticia Cline (front) and Kissa Von Adams (rear)Iron Lilies

"There will be six Lilies leading the rides, and they're pretty challenging roads. We'll be taking Florida straight roads a bit of the way out of here, then we hit mountains and canyons. It usually rains about the half the time that you're there, but it's going to be fun. I don't know if you've had a chance to look at the map of the area, but they're some of the best motorcycle roads in the country."

When asked if there was any ride in particular that she was excited about, she went on to explain about Mount Washington, and how it is closed to cars for one day so only motorcyclists are able to enjoy the beautiful riding that it has to offer. "The Ride to the Sky is what I'm looking forward to. The ride up the mountain itself is only about ten miles, but it's real curvy and just a beautiful scenic mountain. It's something you really never get to do, ride a mountain where basically no cars are allowed. I'm looking forward to that."

Iron Lilies
The Iron Lilies, having found one of three curved roads in FloridaIron Lilies

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