Introducing A Brand-New 2019 Genuine G400C

The well-known scooter company enters the moto market with a super-affordable 400cc standard

Brand-New 2019 Genuine G400C
How would you feel if a scooter company was planning to enter the world of motorcycling?Courtesy Genuine Scooter Company

Get ready, because Genuine Scooters is already there, with the launch of its all-new 2019 Genuine G400C motorcycle. It's an ambitious move for the Chicago-based manufacturer, and we applaud it. But who's this thing aimed at? You can glean the G400C's target market from the company's press release, which calls it "…a competitively priced motorcycle that has classic appeal to a broad base of consumers."

2019 Genuine G400C
Retro appeal with simple mechanics at a reasonable price—the Genuine G400C ticks all the boxes (so far).Courtesy Genuine Scooter Company

A quick glance at the spec sheet reveals that the “broad base of consumers” will most likely consist of first-time motorcycle buyers or urban commuters, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Genuine G400C certainly brings “classic” numbers to the spec sheet, with a 397cc fuel-injected single-cylinder engine and five-speed transmission with chain final drive to propel a retro-standard frame. It rolls on an unexpectedly tall 19-inch front tire, with a more standard 18-incher bringing up the rear, along with a seat height of 31 inches, putting it right in line with the competition (which we’ll discuss shortly). Weighing in at a manageable 353 pounds, the G400C claims a peak of 26 hp, and a top speed of just 80 mph, but the more compelling data point perhaps is its fuel efficiency—a claimed 70 mpg, which should deliver about 240 miles of cruising range from the 3.4-gallon fuel tank. And it should be easy to stop this thing with the 280mm disc and twin-piston caliper combo working on the front wheel.

2019 Genuine G400C
The UJM hits of the ’70s are all here: teardrop tank, bench saddle, fork gaiters, chain drive, dual coilover shocks.Courtesy Genuine Scooter Company

And even though that’s an air-cooled four-valve thumper with a five-speed gearbox and drum rear brake, the G400C ain’t a bad-looking machine, with styling ripped right out of the ’70s. It hits all the right retro UJM notes; see if those laced wheels, teardrop tank, fork gaiters, analog gauges, and steel fenders don’t remind you of Honda’s CB450. An ultra-low MSRP of $4,599 will certainly boost the appeal too—the similarly-specced, -styled, and -sized Suzuki TU250X is priced at $4649, and it’s got 150 less ccs to play with. Yamaha’s SR400? It’s closer in spec, but that little neo-classic will cost you a whopping $5,999. Things are looking good for Genuine on that front (it comes with a kickstarter just like the SR400 too).

2019 Genuine G400C
The details are surprisingly solid for a bike at this price point, and Genuine has additional accessories should you want to, say, ditch those turn signals…Courtesy Genuine Scooter Company

The downside to the Genuine G400C is that it's an unknown quantity, but the good news is that it does come with a solid two-year warranty from a reputable company with an established dealer network; Genuine Scooters has been building machines for years and its Buddy and Stella scooter models are hugely popular. The company says the Genuine G400C will be available in black, green, or red, and you can trick it out with a number of accessories to make it your own. Get more info at Genuine.

Frankly, we’re psyched to throw a leg over this thing.

2019 Genuine G400C
Yes, that’s a kickstarter you’re looking at, just in case.Courtesy Genuine Scooter Company