Indian Announces Touchscreen for 2017 Models

2017 Indian Touring Motorcycles come with new infotainment system

Indian infotainment
Indian Chieftain infotainment system for 2017 modelsIndian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle Touchscreen

Indian Motorcycle now offers the largest and most rider-friendly infotainment system on two wheels. Integrated seamlessly into the dash, not only does the Indian Motorcycle Touchscreen offer the best display available in the industry, it’s also the easiest to use with simple to customize rider information screens.

Indian infotainment
Indian Roadmaster infotainment system for 2017 modelsIndian Motorcycle

The Indian Motorcycle NorthStar system offers the best infotainment system in the industry: - Largest Display - 7"
- Highest Resolution - 800x480 pixels
- Brightest Screen - twice as bright as brightest smart phones
- Fastest Response Time - ready in 10 seconds following key-o
- Display includes 50-watt per channel premium audio system
(100 watts on Chieftain and 200 watts on Roadmaster)
Offering an easy-to-read screen located in close proximity to the rider, the Indian Motorcycle Touchscreen offers the most intuitive infotainment interface on two wheels, with modes/shortcuts easily available (through 5 large push-buttons) and two-finger touch capabilities featuring glove-accepting pinch-to-zoom capability like a smart phone. Carrying a Bluetooth-enabled phone or headset? The Indian Motorcycle Touchscreen offers the easiest and fastest pairing to your device for quick, seamless integration into the touring experience. Alternately, use buttons located below the screen or handlebar controls that are both integrated with the touchscreen display. Use the controls to manipulate audio controls, accept and reject phone calls, and navigate through screens.
See the information you want the way you want it, when you want. Featuring the most vehicle information available of any system on a two wheels, the Indian Motorcycle Touchscreen can be customized with eight screen options that can be used in any combination. Choose from Vehicle Status (tire pressure, voltage, engine hours, oil change), Vehicle Info (speed, fuel range, RPM, gear position), Trip 1 (fuel range, miles, average fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy time, average speed), Trip 2 (fuel range, miles, average fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy time, average speed), Ride Data (heading, moving time, stop time, altitude, altitude change), Audio, Bluetooth and Map/Navigation.

Indian infotainment
Indian Chieftain infotainment system for 2017 modelsIndian Motorcycle


Screen Size 7"
Pixel Count 800x480
Number of Buttons 5
Brightness 1000 Nit's
Touch Screen Two-Finger Capacitive
Glove Touch Screen Swipe and Pinch to Zoom
Maps (turn by turn with 3D birds eye view)
Point of Interest List
Point of Interest Search
Address Search
Audible Route Notifications
Show List of Nearby Gas Stations Upon Low Fuel Indication
Clock from GPS
Consumer Adjustable Clock
Ambient Air Temperature
Customizable Information Displays
Vehicle Information (From CANbus)
Trip Information
TPMS Display
Output power per channel (RMS), 50W (External Amp)
Display User Interface Customization (Main Screen Field Data Selection)
Radio Control from display
Radio Control from handlebars
AM, FM & Weatherband
iPod Control over USB (no old iPods with 32 pin connector)
Songs from USB flash drive
USB Song Shuffle
Bluetooth Audio
Album Art
Driver Smartphone Bluetooth Capable
Driver Bluetooth Headset
Phonebook Download (Bluetooth)
Incoming Call Notification
Incoming Call Friendly Name Display
Place a call from phonebook
Dial a number to call
Voice Activated Call (with headset)
Voice Activated Siri or "OK Google" (with headset)
Incoming Driver Text Notification
Incoming Driver Text Friendly Name Display
Send a quick text from driver device (Android only)
* Smartphone must support this feature

For more information on Indian's 2017 models, check their website