For plenty of industry watchers, it was a foregone conclusion; Husky had trotted the 701 out as a concept at last year's EICMA show, and now the Svartpilen 701 joins Husqvarna's series of neo-retro bikes, ready to share the spotlight with its café-flavored Vitpilen 701 sibling. But really, given both bikes' one-of-a-kind avant-garde styling, those descriptors don't mean much. So let's just look at the specs.

The Svartpilen 701 brings a more flat-track-flavored style to the table, but shares many of the same mechanicals as its Vitpilen 701 sibling.Husqvarna

Of course the two share plenty of components, like the liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 692cc motor (with a claimed 75-hp output), the chromium-molybdenum trellis frame, and even the brake arrangement looks similar, with Brembo four-piston calipers, a 320mm front disc, and ABS. The suspension also carries over, with a 43mm USD fork that’s adjustable for rebound and compression, and a fully adjustable monoshock out back.

Suspension arrangement is likewise similar, with an adjustable 43mm WP USD fork.Husqvarna

But Husky’s take on flat-track style means the Svartpilen 701 also gains things like fork covers, a different number-board-style headlight arrangement (though still with a premium LED lamp and DRL), and a more upright seating position with wider, off-road-style handlebars. And, yeah, there are a pretty different tailsection and rear covers, things that don’t really scream “flat track” but are well in keeping with Husky’s statement of “progressive design.”

The LED headlight (with DRL) is framed by a number-plate-like board, another flat-track reference.Husqvarna

The tires are Pirelli’s MT 60 RS hoops that give a flat-track-ready look but are more than ready for the street. Other street-savvy bits include the cleanly bobbed fender with, again, a fully modern LED taillight peeking out from underneath and, most obviously, a much darker paint scheme with a stealthier vibe than the brighter Vitpilen. The Svartpilen’s overall lines stay clean, and the form minimal, in a boxy Swedish way. So is that retro? Or neo? No word on pricing or availability as yet but you can bet it’ll be here soon.

A black finish on the tank keeps the Svartpilen’s theme stealthy, while its minimal shape allows the rider to switch up riding positions.Husqvarna
Brembo four-piston calipers operate on the front 320mm disc, same as on the Vitpilen. Two-channel Bosch ABS is standard (but can be disengaged).Husqvarna
Flat-track ready? That’s one mean-looking muffler, but it’s from the 701 concept bike. The stock exhaust has a hidden pre-silencer and an exposed final silencer.Husqvarna
The fully adjustable rear monoshock is connected via linkage to the swingarm.Husqvarna
The Svartpilen 701’s riding position definitely looks hooligan-ready, with a more upright and comfortable stance.Husqvarna
Tidy, stark and dark—but it remains to be seen if it’s ready to go fast and turn left.Husqvarna