Hot Bike Tour 2015: Riders and Destinations

Following some of our Hot Bike Tour 2015 event goers

Hot Bike Tour 2015 was a success! it is hard to get back to regular day to day activities after 5 days of awesome riding, great people, partying, and being engulfed in a sea of beautifully unique motorcycles. We had a great turnout at every stop. There was a lot of familiar faces from stop to stop. We all had a great time getting to ride next to our loyal readers. The destinations will change for next year, but we hope to see some familiar faces out there with us for the new adventure! Enjoy the gallery!

John Shope being John Shope
Rider on his Victory from Sheridan, WY to Billings, MT
Jon McDevitt at Wall Drug South Dakota mimicking Wild Bill (poorly we might add)
Morgan Gales finally getting to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
Troy Hoff dropping jaws at the show in Sheridan, WY
Talk about a LongRider!
Getting ready for a long day of riding. Hot Bike Tour 2015
Line Up of local bikes for Hot Bike Tour 2015
John Shope grinding down some metal at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
An excited LongRider on her Victory
A sweet Harley-Davidson Street Glide riding from Spirit Lake, IA to Mitchell, SD
Robert Martin having a blast on his Victory
Beautiful first night in Spirit Lake, IA
Riders and event goers collecting some free gear on Day 5 in Billings, MT
Unknown Industries Buddy Suttle giving a casual thumbs up while burning rubber... no big deal
Sweet Batman Sportster with Robin side car in Billings, MT
Hot Bike Tour 2015