Honda's New Speedster Really Flies

Honda appears ready to jump into the jet airplane business. By Art Friedman.

It's sure to be the fastest, most powerful machine Honda has ever produced, thanks to great power and aerodynamics. And no, it isn't a motorcycle, or a car or even a new hybrid snowblower.

It's a business jet aircraft, and according to this article at Aviation International News Online, the prototype HondaJet may fly as soon as the end of 2003.

Honda's interest in aviation has been often rumored and reported in the aviation press, but despite the company's secrecy (a rarity in the aviation business where new models are usually touted to raise capital) and denial of a business plan, Honda has evidently made a fairly substantial investment in the business-jet project, including development of its own 1670-pound-thrust turbofan engines and its own wind-tunnel facility in North Carolina.

The story has lots of detail on the project.

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This explains why there is a wing in Honda's logo.