Honda Releases First Ten 2006 Cruiser Motorcycles

Honda shows its first ten 2006 cruiser models, including three VTX1300s, two Shadow 1100s, two Shadow 750s, two VLX models and the Rebel.

Honda has unveiled its first 2006-model-year cruiser motorcycle models. Ten carry-over models have been announced, basically 2005 models with minor cosmetic changes. They include three VTX1300 models, the Shadow Sabre and Spririt 1100s, the Shadow Aero and Spirit 750s, the 600cc Shadow VLX and VLX Deluxe, and the 250cc Rebel.

The new bikes are shown here in their various color choices with their 2006 prices. (Click on any photo to see a larger version.) We anticipate that Honda will announce additional 2006 models, including more carry-over models, during the next few months.

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VTX1300C Candy Orange $9699
VTX1300C Dark Gray Metallic $9699
VTX1300C Candy Black Cherry $9699
VTX1300C Black $9599
VTX1300R Metallic Silver $9699
VTX1300R Bright Blue Metallic $9699
VTX1300R Candy Black Cherry $9699
VTX1300R Black $9599
VTX1300S Metallic Silver $9699
VTX1300S Bright Blue Metallic $9699
VTX1300S Candy Black Cherry $9699
VTX1300S Black $9599
Shadow Spirit VT1100C Black $8599
Shadow Spirit VT1100C Bright Blue Metallic $8599
Shadow Sabre VT1100C VT11C Titanium/Flame $8899
Shadow Sabre VT1100C Black $8599
Shadow Aero VT750C Black/Candy Orange $6899
Shadow Aero VT750C Metallic Silver/Pearl White $6899
Shadow Aero VT750C Dark Brown/Black $6899
Shadow Aero VT750C Black $6599
Shadow Aero VT750C Candy Dark Red $6599
Shadow Spirit 750 VT750DC VT750DCB6 Titanium/Flame $6599
Shadow Spirit 750 VT750DC Candy Dark Red/Flame $6599
Shadow Spirit 750 VT750DC Black $6399
Shadow Spirit 750 VT750DC Candy Orange $6399
Shadow VLX Deluxe VT600CD Light Silver Metallic $5699
Shadow VLX Deluxe VT600CD Candy Dark Red $5699
Shadow VLX VT600C Black $5399
Rebel CMX250C Black $3099
Rebel CMX250C Pearl White $3099