Honda Celebrates 50 Years in the USA

It was on June 12, 1959, when American Honda opened their headquarters on Pico Blvd, in Los Angeles, less than two miles from Cruiser's current headquarters. Honda is thought of primarily as a Japanese motorcycle and automaker, but their roots in the USA are deep, as the first Japanese company to build bikes and cars here in the US, as well as export cars back to Japan. Although primarily an automaker today-motorcycle manufacturing was shifted back to Japan a few years ago-Honda will always be a passionate motorcycle manufacturer at their core. Here's a few moto-centric dates in Honda's American history provided by the company:

**. 1959 Honda arrives in America and sells 1700 Super Cub, Benly and Dream motorcycles.

. 1962 Honda launches long-running "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" campaign, to remake the post Wild Ones motorcyclist image.

. 1963 Crosses 800 dealer threshold

. 1968 Sells one millionth motorcycle

. 1969 Starts selling cars in US. Honda motorcycles start to drop to the background.

. 1975 Establishes American R&D; department, and releases GL1100 GoldWing long-distance touring bike.

. 1979 begins manufacturing motorcycles in Marysville, OH.

. 2007 Releases first motorcycle airbag system for GoldWing.**

International Women and Motorcycling Conference

Whether you're man or woman, if you have a woman in your life who is or might be into motorcycles, or if you just relish the idea of riding the fabulous roads of Colorado, you owe it to yourself to check out this event. In Keystone, Colorado (90 miles west of Denver, and high in the rockies) from August 19-22 2009, the conference will honor women's contributions to the sport past and present, as well seminars on a variety of topics from touring to packing to survival strategies and accident scene management.

On the fun side there will be demo rides from Harley-Davidson, Buell, BMW, Ducati, Kymco, and Yamaha (Star), as well as guided and self-guided tours through the fabulous roads in the area. For more information:

Sidi Offers Expanded Warranty for Dog Owners, Crashers

Sidi boots have been a favorite around here for a long time, and American importer Motonation has just introduced a unique way to protect your precious foot protectors. For an additional $49.99, Sidi's standard 2-year warranty is expanded to cover most sorts of accidental damage... including dog bites, crashes, and ripping from accidental contact/catching. Normal wear and tear or damage from neglect are not covered. For more details see

** Harley-Davidson Finances Itself for 2010**

If you're one of the Harley faithful hoping to score your next Hog, but worried about getting a loan, Harley-Davidson Financial Services recently announced that they've secured $1 billion for the coming model year to help get you on one of their bikes. The large financial institutions who finance the financiers at H-D have been slow to release the funds that allow Harley to sell bikes in the first place. Harley claims that problem is now behind them.