Harley Recalls 66K Bikes for Anti-Lock Brake Fault

2014 Harley-Davidson CVO

Harley-Davidson is recalling 66,421 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles because of fault with the anti-lock braking system that can cause the front wheel to suddenly lock up.

The company says fault is caused by a front brake line that can get pinched between the fuel tank and frame causing the front brake fluid pressure to increase, which in turn can cause the front caliper to lock up.

If you have a Touring or CVO Touring model built between July 1, 2013, and May 7, 2014, park it now and contact your local dealer for the free fix. As anyone who rides knows, having your front wheel lock up is a virtually guaranteed to lay you and the bike down. So yes, it’s serious.

Harley-Davidson has blamed at least five crashes and two minor injuries on the defect, which it says it discovered last fall through warranty claims.

The company says it will notify affected owners this month and that dealers will correct the problem free of charge. The fix includes new brake lines and straps to hold the new lines in place.

Harley-Davidson's CVO line-up, for Custom Vehicle Operations, is the company's top-of-the-line offering. CVO models come with unique paint and accessories, as well as uprated motors and parts.