Harley Extends Warranties for Certain Military Personnel

Soldiers serving in current conflicts credited for time deployed.

Under a program announced by Harley-Davidson on Memorial Day, military personnel involved in operations in Afganistan or Iraq are eligible for a warranty extension if they own Harley-Davidson or Buell motorcycles. The relevant portion of Harley's press release follows.

**HARLEY-DAVIDSON ANNOUNCES "OPERATION MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" -- H-D and Buell Extend Warranty Coverage for Deployed Military Personnel in Middle East **

MILWAUKEE, WI (May 26, 2003) - Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Buell Motorcycle Company recently announced the implementation of "Operation Mission Accomplished," a plan to extend warranty coverage to military personnel recently deployed in support of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Everyone at Harley-Davidson and Buell recognizes the sacrifice made by men and women from the many nations involved in recent military efforts in the Middle East region," said Steve Phillips, Vice President of Quality, Reliability and Technical Service. "This program will acknowledge that effort by extending the warranty on Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles owned by those who have served and been unable to ride while they were on duty."

The program will apply to owners of Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles who are coalition military personnel from any country deployed to an area controlled by CENTCOM, or deployed in support of coalition operations in the Middle East from November 1, 2001, until June 1, 2003. If their motorcycle is under warranty, Harley-Davidson and Buell will provide an extension of the 12-month factory warranty for the number of days they were deployed to account for the balance of the remaining warranty period. If the warranty on any of their Harley-Davidson or Buell motorcycles expired while they were deployed in the designated areas, Harley-Davidson will offer additional warranty coverage for a period of time equal to the length of their deployment, but not to exceed the original 12 month factory warranty period.

Harley-Davidson and Buell owners who believe they are eligible for Operation Mission Accomplished should see their local dealer upon return from deployment for details on applying for the program.

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Most of the motorcycles involved will be 100th anniversary models.