Harley-Davidson Recalls 2006 Six-Speed Dyna Motorcycle Transmissions

Harley-Davidson Recalls Its New Six-Speed Transmissions In Its Dyna Series Motorcycles To Correct A Potentially Erroneous Neutral Indication.

Harley-Davidson is recalling approximately 13,400 Dyna series motorcycles to correct a problem with the six-speed transmission that was introduced with the 2006 models. Apparently the neutral light may come on when the bike isn't actually in neutral, so the rider could release the clutch believing the motorcycle is not in gear and have the motorcycle lunge forward.

The three parts needed to correct the problem will be available at dealers starting December 12, and Harley will even pick-up and deliver the bikes at no charge. Until the recall service is performed, riders should simply release the clutch with care instead of accepting the neutral light's indication. There apparently have been a couple of incidents but no injuries as a result of this situation.

This isn't the only issue that has arisen concerning the new six-speed powertrain. Harley has told owners that they will need to replace the inner primary-drive bearing every 15,000 miles, although the company apparently will pick up the tab for that indefinitely. It also tells owners to replace the primary-drive lubricant at 5000-mile intervals.

On the corporate side, Harley sees little impact on its bottom line or its projected production figures, which are 329,000 motorcycles for 2005.

The Harley-Davidson press release concerning the recall follows.


MILWAUKEE (November 22, 2005) Harley-Davidson Motor Company has issued a voluntary safety recall on 2006 model year Dyna series motorcycles built between June 9 and October 19, 2005. Approximately 13,400 motorcycles are included in the recall. The transmissions in the affected motorcycles have a defect which under certain circumstances may allow them to go into a false neutral position even though the neutral indicator light is illuminated.

As part of its Initial Care Program for 2006 Dyna motorcycles, the Company will provide owners with free pick-up and delivery, if desired. This service will commence and recall kits will be available at dealerships beginning the week of December 12, 2005.

The Company estimates that the costs associated with this voluntary recall will be less than $5.0 million and it will reserve these costs in the fourth quarter of this year. The Company also expects to meet its previously-announced wholesale shipment target for 2005.

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Like all 2006 Dyna models, the FXDCI Super Glide Custom has the new six-speed transmission that's the subject of this recall.
Owners of 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycles, such as the Dyna Wide Glide, will just have to disregard the neutral light's indication until the recall maintenance has been performed.